Wednesday 28 December 2016

Week Fifty Two

Week fifty two whizzed by, here are the highlights:

I finished work for the holidays on Friday so got up early on Monday morning and went for a lovely walk over the golf course:
Where I saw a white squirrel!
I saw this little pixie, she was so excited about Santa arriving shortly :)
I went out to lunch with Sarah:
And I was a little big pig :)
But we do only go out to eat a couple of times a year :)
I made sure that I worked really hard at zumba in the evening :)
We were all dressed up for Christmas and then went for a drink afterwards :)
On Wednesday I went for a lovely 4 mile walk:
Followed by a 60 length swim:
Before going on a 6 mile walk!
I wore my Christmas dress for slimming and I was over the moon to have lost 2.5lbs :)
It made dirty pudding taste even better!
On Friday I went in to the office to man the phones:
So that the boss could take everyone with rugrats to the pantomime :)
And then it was time to chill with a drink :)
Christmas Eve was baking day and I made some mince pies and snickerdoodles :)
Paul arrived for the weekend and he was lucky enough to have a win at bingo :)
Christmas Day was amazing, it was great to chill out, spend time with family, eat, drink and be merry :)
I hope you had an amazing Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 19 December 2016

Week Fifty One

Week fifty one was another good one, here are the highlights:

I bought this really cute tin to keep my Christmas bits in :)
I wrapped up nice and warm for a walk around the park :)
I ended up having the whole pool to myself for swimming and managed 60 lengths :)
Zumba was lots of fun as usual :)
I managed to drag Maddie to the shops but only because she wanted to upgrade her phone!
My Wednesday evening walk took me past a lot of Christmas lights :)
I finished the shawl I was making for my aunt.  I won't be seeing her for Christmas so I gave it to her this weekend and she loves it :)
I lost a stonking 4lbs this week and got my six and a half stone award!
And I really enjoyed my dirty pudding :)
Friday night was our works Christmas party and it was a fabulous evening :)
I saw people I haven't seen for a year so got to show off how well my diet has been going :)
The morning after the night before:
I had a nice little win at bingo :)
On Sunday I had a lazy day but managed to make some snickerdoodles :)
And then because I wasn't feeling well I snuggled on the sofa with these two to watch Christmas films :)
Thankfully I've got this week off work because I'm feeling just a tad rubbish :(

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 12 December 2016

Week Fifty

I can't believe we've reached week fifty already!  Here are the highlights:

Alfie has been finding it hard to get up in the mornings, the lazy hound!
It was so cold the pond froze over!
I still went swimming though, obviously in a swimming pool and not the frozen pond :)
Zumba was fun and the hall was very festive :)
Me and my girl spent a lot of time chilling :)
Santa visited the town :)
And then the building opposite work caught fire!
Tiles were ripped by hand from the roof!
Then they called in the big guns!
And the high street turned in to a car park for 12 fire engines! It took a couple of hours for the fire to be put out and I don't think there were any serious injuries.
I gained half a pound at slimming this week, my first gain in over 22 weeks!  I still enjoyed my festive dirty pudding though :)
After work on Friday I had to cut a set of broken lights off of the Christmas tree for the second year running!
Then I baked 18 mince pie cupcakes and 18 coffee cupcakes!
Before making 14 Christmas cards!
All for my Christmas crop on Saturday :)
I started the day as I meant to go on with a festive treat :)
Then a delicious buffet for lunch :)
There were homemade crackers and a secret Santa and it really was a great day.
In the evening I went out with the girls to the Christmas party at the bingo where I enjoyed my second buffet of the day!
Entertainment was laid on and the singer sat at our table to serenade the girls :)
On Sunday I was straight back on plan and up and out early to get my 10,000 steps done :)
I got the car cleaned.
And spent the rest of the day watching Christmas films :)
We had a lovely sunset :)
Maddie joined me to watch Elf :)
And then in the evening, after dinner, we snuggled on the sofa and watched Christmas Vacation while I finished crocheting a Christmas present :)
So I had a really lovely week and a fantastic weekend!

I hope you're feeling as festive as I am :)

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx