Thursday 30 April 2015

Crochet Mood Blanket Week Seventeen

It is amazing how quickly the weeks goes when you're working on a daily project throughout the year! Here are the colours added to my blanket this week:

Day 113 - Spring Green, I had a good day and a weight loss :)
Day 114 - Aster, a great day, Nandos for lunch and a family meet up in the evening :)
Day 115 - Magenta, another great day, lunch with a friend, BBQ with the family and bingo :)
Day 116 - Silver, a cold, rainy day :(
Day 117 - Pomegranate, a good day and I was feeling happy :)
Day 118 - Lipstick, cinema night with my girl to see Avengers :)
Day 119 - Sherbet, a wet and cold day but a sunny evening and a nice walk :)
The monster is getting harder to photo the bigger it gets but I'm still loving it :)
I can look at certain squares and know how I was feeling and I can remember exactly which one was my starting square.

I've decided to buy a few more colours to add to my stash and to mix things up a bit.

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Jo xx

Monday 27 April 2015

Week Seventeen

Week seventeen started slowly and then got crazy busy at the weekend, here are the highlights:

Most of the time at bingo I'm like the fisherman who talks about the one that got away, I only wanted one number and it never came out :(
I had a Pandora fail when my safety chain broke :(
But they swapped it for a new one with no problems so I treated myself to a new charm for the summer :)
My eczema is really bad at the moment and it's on my hands which makes doing my hobbies hard.  If I knit or crochet the wool makes my hands so sore, if I put my cream on my hands are too greasy to do scrapping :(
I had a bit of time to do some Project Life catch up, I've nearly finished week nine :)
As the weather is getting nicer it's time to swap my morning porridge for overnight oats :)
Alfie is enjoying the longer days, he gets more time to play with his toys in the garden :)
The sunsets are getting even nicer :)
I had a weight loss this week and enjoyed this dirty pudding :)
Every time someone at work has a birthday the boss treats us all to Nandos :)
I had my hair chopped off :)
I had my annual meet up with my friend Lynne, she enjoyed looking through my Project Life albums :)
And then we had a delicious lunch :)
Then it was time to get to my sisters for her birthday BBQ!  I have lots of nieces and nephews and some of them love having their picture taken, this is George :)
My great niece Charlotte :)
And finally Hells Bells :)
I had my first Jager Bomb!
And then dashed off to meet the girls at bingo where we were all given a small gift :)
On Sunday I went to say goodbye to my brother Jamie because he's going back to Thailand.  He was hanging so I had a picture with Max instead :)
Yesterday I enjoyed a glass or two of wine while I did some scrapping :)
And then made lasagna for dinner, I very rarely make this but Maddie really wanted it.
Alfie, who only ever goes in the kitchen for his dinner, spent the evening guarding the left over lasagna while it cooled down!
A really lovely week to look back on and now I'm ready to move on to week eighteen.

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Jo xx

Thursday 23 April 2015

Crochet Mood Blanket Week Sixteen

Another week and some more colours of the rainbow added to my blanket. Here's where the mood took me this week:

Day 106 - Petrol, I felt really ill with a cold but was pleased to maintain at slimming :)
Day 107 - Saffron, I went to the seaside to see Paul :)
Day 108 - Lime, breakfast at Frieda's and a very windy day!
Day 109 - Aspen, a really gorgeous, sunny day :)
Day 110 - Raspberry, I had a good day and a fun night at bingo with the girls :)
Day 111 - Citron, another sunny day and feeling good despite a visit to the doctor :)
Day 112 - Violet, a very busy, hot day!
And here's how she's looking :)
It's a lot cooler and the sky is grey here today so I might have already picked my next colour :)

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Jo xx

Monday 20 April 2015

Week Sixteen

Another week is over and it left me feeling that summer is very nearly with us :) Here are the highs and lows of week sixteen:

I was feeling really ill, I'm still not great but I'm feeling better than I was :(
I got some very happy mail :)
I was happy that the sun was shining even if Maddie wasn't :)
It was so hot in the office the boss bought us ice creams :)
I may have had a little spend in TKMaxx,, just need some extra hours in the day to get it all used :)
I spent a lovely evening in my neighbour's garden :)
I maintained at slimming and enjoyed dirty pudding ;)
I had a glorious road trip down to Paul's :)
And was finally reunited with my necklace :)
We started the weekend the right way with breakfast at Frieda's :)
It was time for Paul to upgrade his phone, he got the one he's been wanting for the last 8 months!
Frieda also does takeaway so we had a lovely slice of cake with our afternoon tea :)
It was a sunny but windy Sunday
And we enjoyed a walk to the beach :)
And before I knew it the weekend was over and I was headed home:
To relax in my new jarmies :)
Now it's Monday and the sun is still shining, Alfie has been walked and I'm ready for work and week seventeen :)

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Jo xx