Monday 31 July 2017

Week Thirty Bugged Me!

Week thirty had a bad start but it's not how you start it's how you finish and I certainly finished on top!

I started off the week by getting a stomach bug and having a couple of days off work, nurse Alfie stayed by my side the whole time :)
The weather has been awful and I had to hide from the rain under a tree when I was out walking!
I lost 2lbs, the biggest and greatest 2lbs EVER because they got me to my target weight!
And dirty pudding has never tasted so sweet :)
I went away for the weekend to see Pippy and Paul :)
We had a lovely walk along the beach :)
And around the town :)
I finally got started on this year's Project Life!
Paul made me this AMAZING vintage reversible apron, I can't tell you how much I love it!  He really is so talented :)
We went out for Sunday lunch to a nearby hotel.
Where the dinner was delicious :)
And after more walking we ended up at Frieda's where it would have been rude not to have a piece of cake.
Then I was home and back on plan because the easy part was losing the weight - the hard part will be keeping it off!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Friday 28 July 2017

February's Five Favourites Finished!

At last I have finally scrapped my five favourite photos from February!

Lauren used to be my team leader but we soon became good friends.  She met me for lunch and let me know that she's moving up to Liverpool, I really will miss her :(
I felt very proud of myself going in to work wearing size 14 trousers and a size 12 jumper!
Zumba with Jo the person who inspired me the most to get off of my backside and start exercising!
Maddie winning her first Goodreads giveaway :)
I was dog sitting for Bingo and a few hours after this photo was taken he was really ill, thankfully it was only a 24 hour bug!
So that's another bunch of stories ready to go in my album.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Week Twenty Nine And Someone Got A Makeover!

Week twenty nine was a great one, here are the highlights:

I had Monday off work and it's become tradition now for me and Sarah to go out for breakfast the day after we've done a sponsored walk :)
I surprised Alice by picking her up from school but I got the biggest surprise when I saw the state she was in!
A quick trip to the shop and a dunk in the bath and she looked great after her makeover :)
The weather was lovely so I did some sunbathing in the garden with Alfie :)
And then had a couple of wins at bingo in the evening!
I had a great session at Zumba on Tuesday, never in a million years did I ever think I would enjoy it so much!
Maddie had some luck with a Goodreads giveaway :)
I had a great walk after work on Wednesday.
And then finally did some more work on my Moorland blanket :)
I lost one and a half pounds at Slimming and really enjoyed dirty pudding :)
I was up really early on Friday so had time to do some scrapping before work!
We had this sweet fox sunbathing in the garden, whenever he's about he is always accompanied by a little bird that won't stop tweeting!
On Saturday I spent some more time with Alice :)
And then I got trapped in Tesco when the heavens opened and the car park flooded!
I had another couple of very little wins at bingo :)
Sunday was scrapping day
Before going to see this little monkey along with the rest of the family for my nephew George's birthday :)
I spent the rest of the evening relaxing and crocheting.
This week hasn't had a great start, I've picked up a stomach bug (probably from Alice who told her mum she had something in her mouth just before vomiting everywhere!) and I've had to have a couple of days in bed :(

Enjoy your week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Saturday 22 July 2017

A Bit Of A Makeover!

Two weeks ago I decided that my albums were in a bit of a state, things weren't in order and I had a lot of layouts that needed to be filed away.

I armed myself with a journalling pen and some glue and set too, it took a lot less time that I thought it would.  I stuck alphabet stickers and loose embellishments back on the pages and added some journalling when the layout didn't really tell the story.

Out of the hundreds of layouts I looked through there was only one that I didn't really like, it was a bit too plain and a lot too bulky!
So I did something that I never thought I would do, I pulled it all apart!  I've just finished the new layout and I am much happier with it.
It doesn't look drab anymore and the photo really stands out.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 17 July 2017

Week Twenty Eight Included A Lot Of Steps!

Another week gone and another week closer to Christmas!  Here are the highlights for week twenty eight:

It started off well with a little win at bingo:)
The weather hasn't been great and we really did need some rain but I didn't let it stop me walking.
I got a new dress and did another comparison!
After last week's gain I lost a whooping 8lbs this week and really did enjoy dirty pudding!
I woke up really early on Friday so decided to get my big shop out of the way before work :)
I had snuggles with my boy, the biggest lap dog ever!
On Saturday I went to Wimbledon to soak up the atmosphere, see some friends and people watch :)
I have also been working on the mammoth task of sorting out ALL of my scrapbook albums!
Another little a win at bingo :)
On Sunday me and Sarah headed up to London to take part in the 2017 Poppy Walk.
The route took us to parts of London I'd never been before!
And included one of my favourite subjects, Jack The Ripper!
We walked over 10K and answered quiz questions as we went.
And then we were done
Last year the medal was made of chocolate, not great for one of the hottest days of the year, this year they were metal :)
When I got home I went in the garden with my book and put my feet up :)
This week has already had a great start because I've got the day off work :)

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx