Saturday 27 July 2013

A Grand Day Out

Last weekend I had an absolute blast.  It started on Friday when I travelled along the M4 to stay with friends.

On Saturday morning we were back on the M4 and heading to Bristol, we were going hunting!
We were hunting for this fellow:
And we found plenty, here are a few of my favourites:
This is Bunting
For obvious reasons.
Who doesn't love a pirate?
We found Wally!
Oops A Daisy because daisies are my favourite flower :)
Patch was simply gorgeous.
This strawberry collar was amazing.
I couldn't resist Five A Day:
Because he was covered in cherries!
Stat's The Way To Do It, Lad! was located at Aardman Animations and he had some very cool facts on him including this one:
Who'd have thought it!

We had a pit stop for doughnuts:
Saw the famous Bristol graffiti:
Had a cheeky kiss:
Hung out with Wallace:
And spent a lot of time with this great kid:
All in all we walked a lot:
And I was so pleased that I managed to find this many Gromits:
So, if you're stuck with things to do while the kids are on holiday (or even if, like me, you're a big kid yourself) then I can really recommend making the effort to head to Bristol and hang out with Gromit for the day.

I really must thank Tracy, Michelle, Callum and Lauren for making me feel so welcome.  Thanks to Lauren for giving up her bed for me, thanks to Michelle for inviting me, thanks to Callum for being so entertaining and thank you to Tracy for all the driving she did.

I hope you have some great days out planned this summer :)
Jo xx

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Week 7

Well I'm still working on Project Life and I am aware that I'm a bit behind but I am still enjoying it and there's no way I'm going to put pressure on myself and turn it into a chore!

Here's what I got up to in week seven way back in February:
We enjoyed pancakes.
For Lent I gave up having sugar in my tea and coffee.  I still haven't gone back to having sugar all the time, I have it for a treat now.
I had cuddles with Pippy and Alfie.
I went back to the gym!

After not seeing Paul for a whopping 74 days I finally got to see him 15 minutes before the end of Valentine's Day!
We had a great weekend with walks on the beach.
Afternoon tea at Frieda's.
We also enjoyed lots of bubbly!

Right here, right now I'm enjoying the sunshine and spending time outdoors when I'm not at work.  I figure there will be plenty of time for Project Life when the nights draw in and the wind is howling at the door.

Ooh, I've also added a bit more ink to me but I'll save that for another time :)

I hope you're enjoying the summer, long may it last.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Saturday 13 July 2013

Not Just Colouring In!

I know I was really late to the Promarker party but once I found them I was hooked!

I always liked to be colouring in when I was little so I have no idea why it took me so long to get back in to colouring in as an adult!  Anyway, I got a couple of stamps and more than a few Promarkers and had a go.

I love it and here's my first attempt:
I loved it so much I had another go:
But what to do with these lovely, little coloured images?  Well I made one into a birthday card for my sister Jessica:
 And then I turned another into a bookmark for myself, it saves me having to hunt for scraps of paper!
And I even did a third one for my brother's birthday card:
I know have a range of stamp images so, when the sun is shining I can go and sit in the garden with Alfie and colour in, it's a great way to wind down after a hard day at work!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Thursday 11 July 2013


Last year I managed to cross something off my bucket list, I finally taught myself to crochet!  I started off with a cowl and then a granny stripe blanket and then I started to feel a bit more ambitious and want to do a ripple blanket.

I found a great tutorial on the Attic24 blog and away I went:

I did a practise piece, something an impatient person like me never does but I really wanted to get it right.

And then I was off with this lovely pink, white and purple colour combination.

And it just kept growing.  It's a lovely relaxing pattern and I just keep hooking away while I was watching TV in the evenings until:

It was the perfect size.

And I can't tell you how soft it is, perfect for this little lady:

I was told that Alice loved her blanket and then I got to see for myself:

She loves to snuggle her face into it :)

I really enjoyed making it and I know I'll do another one but at the moment I'm wondering what to try next.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Tuesday 9 July 2013

That Was June

Well June was certainly a busy month and the weather was quite nice so instead of getting home from work and maybe doing a bit of blogging I went to sit in the garden with the dog!  Here are the highs and the lows from June:

Spent lots of time at work :(

Spent lots of time in the garden with the dog :)

Went to Frieda's tearoom for cake :)

Celebrated my niece's birthday :)

My grandad passed away at the age of 94 :(

I found the trousers I wore for my very first weigh in at Slimming World :)

I had an unexpected trip to Brighton when my brother completed the London to Brighton bike ride and his lift home let him down :)

I had the best strawberries I have ever tasted, they were so nice I had them for lunch every day for a week :)

I spent some time with this beautiful girl :)

Alfie decided to unpack my crop bag once I'd gone to bed :(

I had some delicious cherries, one of my favourite fruits :)

I got my three and a half stone award at Slimming World :)
 I treated myself to some lovely new stationary :)

It was Maddie's 19th birthday, where does the time go? :)

We went to London for the day with my mum :)

To watch The Chase being filmed, Micky Flanagan was one of the celebrities :)

I spent some time with smiley Alice :)

 And her brothers Jack and George :)

 And we ended the month with chocolate birthday cake for Maddie :)
 So the highs outweighed the lows but it was definitely a busy month!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx