Tuesday 4 June 2013

Party Time!

It was my brother Jon's 40th birthday and he had a really great party at the weekend.

It was a day full of surprises for him and you can read all about the gift I gave him here.

I think the biggest surprise for him was that our brother Jamie flew back from Thailand to celebrate with us. 

We haven't seen him for over a year and managed to keep him hidden for a couple of days before the party.  As he walked up to Jon you could see by the look on Jon's face that it just didn't register straight away who it was, Jon was over the moon though.
The sun had managed to show its head which was great because it was a garden party complete with a hog roast!
Here's the stampede for the hog roast:
And the lovely finishing touches:
Really cute wooden cutlery.
And fun serviettes.
My plate! It was amazing.

Jon's wife Lisa did a great job with the decorating:
My brother through the ages :)
My sister Jemma did a great job with the cake:
Although it did look a bit like an inferno when the candles were lit!
But with the help of the kids he managed to blow them all out :)
My sister Jessica bought him a Lordship :)
The kids were so well behaved
And had a great night playing in the garden
While the adults enjoyed the food and drink :)
The sun went down and the lanterns came on
It was a great opportunity to get my brothers and sisters to get together and have a photo taken with mum:
From left to right: Jemma, Jessica, Jamie, Mum, Jon and me!
Me and my sisters (not sure why I didn't have one with my brothers)
My mum with her youngest son and eldest grandson
Me with my best friend
And Sara
Me and Sara became friends when we were about 8, since then she has been friends with all of us and my mum and dad have always said she's like another daughter to them.  To quote someone from the party "every home should have a Sara" and it's true!

Finally the thank you for coming speech.
It was a really great night, Lisa had been so thoughtful in her preparations and I know that made it such a special celebration for my brother.

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Jo xx

Sunday 2 June 2013

Precious Penny

It's that time of the month again, it's Story Telling Sunday over at Sian's!

I've known for weeks what my story will be and I can't wait to share it! So without further ado here is my precious:
It's a penny ring, made from an old penny! A penny that has been carefully molded into a ring so that all of the original markings remain, not melted and re stamped but manoeuvred into shape, amazing!
My dad gave it to me 25 years ago and told me how a friend of his had made it from an old penny. I look at it and think of my dad and remember the exact moment he gave it to me, where we were sitting, what the weather was like and what he told me about it.  Well, I remembered everything apart from the name of the person who made it, a friend of his whose name escapes me.
Granted, it's somewhat crude but I love it and I've kept it safe for all of these years.
Even though it's far too big for me. 

I recently took it over to show my mum, hoping she could fill in some blanks but, it turns out, she has never seen the ring before!

The one big thing I do remember is that it was made when my brother, Jon, was born.  Now my brother was born 40 years ago tomorrow so this little ring has been around for a while but it seems I'm the only living person who knew it existed.

It's was Jon's birthday party yesterday and I knew in a heartbeat exactly what his present would be, after all, it was made to celebrate his birth!  It was very emotional telling him the story of the ring when I gave it to him and gave him, in effect, a gift from his dad who had passed away 5 years ago.
I think know he loved it though. I also know it will be well looked after by him and I also know that sharing it with him and showing the rest of the family this little ring has made it all the more precious.

Now it's your turn, head over to Sian's and let's hear your story.

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Jo xx