Monday 29 May 2017

Week Twenty One Included A Beach Visit

Week twenty one was a hot one, here are the highlights:

It was great to get in the pool after a really hot day in the office!
Zumba was not so cooling :)
I wore a dress to work and thought it was time to do a little comparison to see how far I've come!
My sister Jessica turned 40!
And the kids stole the sweets from the top of her cake :)
I lost 2.5lbs and enjoyed dirty pudding :)
I love this cherry dress so much and I'm so pleased that Paul was able to alter it so it fits my new, slimmer figure :)
I went to see this pretty girl :)
We had a trip to Hobbycraft and wherever he goes he has to try a hat on :)
I had some amazing salted caramel cake!
I finished a pair of mutant socks made out of left over yarn :)
I had a little tipple :)
And worked on my Moreland blanket while catching up with Line of Duty.
We had some amazing lightening storms during the night but the sun came out during the day and it was a really great weekend :)
Now a new week has started and for me it started in the worst possible way hearing that one of my best friends has passed away :(

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 22 May 2017

Week Twenty And I Got My Stitch On!

The year is going too quickly and week twenty is over already, here are the highlights:

The rain didn't stop me going for a walk in my lunch break!
And it was still raining when I finished my swim in the evening!
Zumba was brilliant and VERY hot!
I had a practise run with my sewing machine and made this headband :)
I lost 3lbs this week and it made dirty pudding taste all the sweeter :)
I had a giggle with Alice, she taught me that catastrophe means a big disaster!
I went to the Charter Fair in Cheam Village.
I had a very naughty dinner at bingo!
The weather was so lovely I actually wore my shorts!
I had a snuggle with Rufus :)
I thought about cutting the grass but then decided I couldn't possibly get rid of all the daisies :)
And finally I made myself a pair of pyjama bottoms!
It's been a really lovely week and I'm looking forward to what the next seven days brings.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Five Favourites February

So far I've managed to do three layouts from my five favourites so I'm back to share my five favourite photos from February.
Because I know that sharing the photos will keep me on track.
And I find there's nothing that inspires me more to scrap
Than looking at a great pile of photos
And thinking about the stories that go with them.
I'm hoping to be back next week to share five layouts from my January photos.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 15 May 2017

Week Nineteen Was Workout, Workout, Workout!

Another week has gone by far too quickly, here are the highlights:

After a break of four weeks it was great to get back in the pool again!
It was also great to be back at Zumba after a two week break :)
The weather has been gorgeous :)
On Wednesday, after a full day at work, I cut the grass
And then went on a six mile walk!
I got my scrapping mojo back and did a Christmas layout!
I saw this little cutie :)
I gained two and a half pounds this week but I know this is because I've started exercising again so I'm not too worried.  I won the raffle so it wasn't all bad :)
Dirty pudding tasted great as usual :)
I had a training day at work on Friday so couldn't go on my normal lunch time walk so I went after work instead:
On Saturday I couldn't get out for a walk at all so made use of my mini trampoline :)
I spent a lovely afternoon scrapping and watching the last ever Gilmore Girls :)
In the evening I went to bingo with the girls but, as usual, I didn't have a win :(
Sunday morning I went for a lovely walk over the golf course.
In the afternoon I marked out a pattern for some pyjama bottoms I'm making...
...then I cut the fabric, great progress really because I've been threatening to make them for over a year!
The sun was really shining so I headed outside for a coffee and a read
While Alfie played with his ball :)
And then the sun went down and it was time to grab my knitting and watch TV while Alfie had a snooze :)
Now another week has started and I'm wondering if I'll have a completed pair of pyjama bottoms by the end of it!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx