Wednesday 30 March 2016

Five Favourites Finished!

The last six weeks have seen me busily scrapping away.  I was set a challenge to complete 25 layouts during Lent and I'm pleased to say I did it.  Those layouts included my five favourite photos from February and I'm here to share those pages now.

We love a walk in the park during our lunch break, especially when the sun is out and the skies are blue :)
Alfie got a new baby, it's always hard to get a photo of him with it because he just won't stay still.  Every time he gets a new teddy he won't let us go anywhere near him at first.  If we try to approach him then he'll just growl at us but after about 20 minutes he'll come and drop the baby in to our laps just like he's introducing us to them :)
Another Alfie page, almost every night he flops back in to my lap and looks up into my eyes and I love it :)
Alfie hates it when I get the camera out and usually turns his head away.  On this occassion he posed until I got a photo I was happy with, in fact he did look at Maddie a couple of times and it's as if he was saying "stop messing about and smile nicely for Mummy" :)
My niece Alice couldn't wait to show me the goodies she had hidden in her treasure box.
I loved making these pages and I've used up lots of old kits.  My self imposed stash ban is going well and it's now been over 3 months since I bought anything!

I'll be back soon to share my five favourite photos from March.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 28 March 2016

Week Thirteen

Spring has sprung and another week has whizzed by!  Here are the highlights:

We went to the cinema to watch 10 Cloverfield Lane, it was quite good and nice to have a night out together :)
The boss treated us to Nandos for lunch as it was his last day in the office before his holiday :)
I cut the grass for the first time this year, it was very rewarding after a full day stuck in the office!
Another gain at slimming but I still enjoyed dirty pudding!
I had lots of cuddles with this boy :)
I had to have a couple of these!
And just one of these, it was Easter and would be rude not to!
Paul came up for the weekend and we went out to dinner with Sarah:
And her husband Chris :)
The food was lovely:
I did a lot of scrapping and was pleased to complete the 25 layout challenge that I'd been set for Lent :)
I went to see my sister in her new house and came away with a lovely picture of Alice, she didn't bring me any luck at bingo though :(
I went over to see my whole family at my brother's house.  I didn't stay for the Easter Egg hunt but I didn't snap a picture of just SOME of the eggs they were hiding!
I met my new great nephew:
Another Alfie in the family :)
I got a new, bigger bookcase but it's still too small.  Between me and Maddie we have 4 bookcases now!
I managed to find the time to relax with some crochet :)
Before heading over to the Holland's house for game night and boy was it windy!
Their dog, Bingo, held my hand for a while :)
And then the weekend was over and a new week was starting.  At least the week kicked off with a Bank Holiday though :)

I hope you have a great week, thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Week Twelve

Another week over, the last week of winter in fact! Here are the highlights:

It's great when a client comes in the office bearing gifts, especially when those gifts are cakes :)
My great nephew arrived in to the world :)
Maddie looks so happy with the sunshine in the morning on the way to work!
Another gain this week at Slimming World, not really surprised after being such a pig.  I still haven't got back in to my running and walking since my illness either, it's hard!  I did enjoy dirty pudding though :)
And some wine with dinner!
On Saturday I went on a little road trip :)
To a crop! I don't often get to go to this crop, it normally clashes with my usual crop but the girls there are lovely and I try to go whenever I can.
Jackie had made these amazing Easter cakes for us and I had quite a productive day!
In the evening I made pesto for the first time, I will tweak the recipe if I make it again though.
And then I had a little win at bingo :)
I got my car cleaned inside and out all ready for its MOT, I hate MOT day (which is today) and I've got everything crossed that it passes!
On Sunday I turned my niece Alice into an Easter Bunny :)
I had a conversation with Maddie about the boy, she suggested that I baby him too much! How dare she say that, it's not my fault he likes the sofa reclined when he lays on it :)
And I finished the weekend with a little more scrapping :)
The week got off to a very busy start, hence my late posting of this, and I think it will only get busier as we try to get everything at work done in only 4 days.  Yay for a short working week and a long weekend :)

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 14 March 2016

Week Eleven

Week eleven saw me feeling much better but still very tired, not a good thing on a busy week!  Here are the highlights:

I'm seeing some gorgeous sunsets from my kitchen window now that I'm not arriving home in the dark:
Although Sarah tries really hard to whisper at bingo she can't quite manage it so we made her sit at another table :)
Cinema club went to watch London Has Fallen, great film but not quite as good as the first.  I think Sarah's hubby Chris probably wishes he had pulled a different face when photo bombing us :)
I got my new specs, my readers lol
This girl loves a hat and hats just love her :)
Maddie also got new glasses.  They are black and silver on the outside and aqua on the inside and I love them!
I had a half a pound gain at slimming but, as I'd been ill, it didn't really bother me.  I definitely enjoyed dirty pudding after weigh in :)
We have had a few foggy mornings, it's the only weather that affects my asthma :(
This text conversation with my BFF really had me laughing out loud in the office. Obviously I should have realised it was because he was a gypsy :)
Saturday was crop day and the day really whizzed by!
I only managed 2 full layouts but I did enjoy a few treats and great company :)
Alice was not impressed when I put a pair of her brother's (clean) pants on her head :) This is why I love Project Life, I'll look forward to showing her this photo in my album when she's a teenager :)
On Sunday I had a lovely scrapping day and managed another 3 layouts!
Before I headed to the pub to support the walkers taking part in the Marsden March.  I took part in the walk last year but left it too late to register for this year and they were full :(
Alfie really enjoyed playing with his toys in the garden while the sun was shinning :)
And then he refused to get off my lap in the evening while I was trying to crochet!
So a busy but really lovely week and now I'm starting week twelve at 100% fitness so I may start running again.

I hope you have a great week, thanks for stopping by
Jo xx