Sunday 28 February 2010

Way Too Much Rain

I can't remember the last time it didn't rain.  The park is like a swamp and the dogs don't like going out in it, they love being in the warm far too much!  At least they're getting on ok and actually sitting together:

Here's a LO I did just for the fun of it.  Jack and Oliver are my nephews and they really are best buddies, they would spend all their time together if they could:

The news this week is that I have to wear glasses now, only for when I'm on the computer though so that's all day at work and a few hours in the evening!  I'm hoping that once I've got them the headaches will stop.

Work is going really well at the moment and it's good to have something to do with my time, even better when it gets to pay day!

Just a short post because I'm frantically trying to get a CJ done ready for posting tomorrow and it's not going well at the moment.

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Midweek Update

Well I started my new job and all is going well so far apart from parking, which is nonexistent.  I think I'll probably hit problems next week when Maddie's back at school but I'll try and take it all in my stride.  My stride is not that big at the moment though because I had to park the car so far from work that my feet were bleeding by the time I got to the office!

I did the LO last week I think, time is flying at the moment so I'm not that sure.  It's Paul wearing Maddie's hat and pulling funny faces, it was for the UKS Weekly Challenge:

I went very traditional for Valentine's with lots of red and the heart, which was a must for the challenge, is made from brads:

Doing this post has just reminded me that I need to finish the hidden journalling on the tag behind the main photo with the heart shaped ribbon pull.

That's all for now, I need my bed, 6 months out of work has made me forget just how tiring it can be!

Sunday 14 February 2010

Weekend's Almost Over

I had a really busy week this week. I went for a job interview on Wednesday, got a call on Thursday to say I'd got the job and then started work on Friday,  that's the way to do it!.  I know that I'm going to miss walking Alfie in the park every morning but I know he'll be fine at home, as long as he has my bed to lay on....the cheeky monkey socks.  Still need to iron out a few problems about getting home in my lunch break to see him but I'm sure it will work itself out somehow.

I did manage to get a LO done in the week:

It's one of my favourite views, from the Portland Heights Hotel.  Maddie was wearing a beautiful dress with pretty pink satin flowers layed into denim.  I thought she looked beautiful but she confessed to me when she saw the LO, 8 years after the picture was taken, that she hated the outfit!

I loved the flowery overlay.  It's another LO from the January Sarah's Card's Kit, it's been my favourite kit so far and I really love what I've achieved from it.

I need to get a challenge LO done today, cook dinner, have a nice soak in the bath and do some homework ready for my first full week back at work.  Luckily it's half term so I've got a bit of time to get into the swing of things before adding the school run to the mix, wish me luck.

Sunday 7 February 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Paul surprised me on Friday and came to stay, I was so excited and happy.

It's been a really great weekend, no plans just plenty of scrapping time, would have been great to have a glass of wine but we can't have everything we want!

I managed to get a couple of LOs done yesterday.  Both of them using the Sarah's Cards January Kit, I really love this kit and knew exactly what photos I'd use as soon as it landed on my doormat.

I just love this picture of Maddy.  I think she felt so grown up because she decided not to sit with the adults at the table but to sit by herself when we went to the Pitcher and Piano for breakfast one Sunday.

These photos were taken somewhere near East Grinstead when we went on our first Family Camp with the scouts.  Maddie has always wanted a donkey but had to settle for making friends with a pony instead.

I'm still feeling really creative and, as all the housework/ironing's done, I'm going to get my stash out and play for the rest of the day.....don't you just love weekends?!?

Friday 5 February 2010

End of the Week Again

Friday has arrived very quickly, probably because I'm not seeing Paul again this weekend.  When I was seeing him every weekend the week used to drag, now it goes at lightening speed!

I went to a crop last night and it really cheered me up, not getting much adult conversation at the moment, so it was good to get out.

I managed to get a LO done, which is excellent for a nosy person like me! Usually I'm too busy listening to what everyone's got to say, last night I multi tasked :o)

It's for the UKS Weekly Challenge, had to use pink, bling and old stash and I came up with this:

A simple LO with a bright,co-ordinating flower

Maddie really was crazy about her Cats Cradle, it used to drive me nuts.  Every five minutes it was "mum hold your hands out" and I'd always make the wrong move and twist it all up.  She lost it once and I had to trawl the net finding a new one (she wouldn't use a bit of old wool instead!).  Now that she's older I don't think she knows where it is any more but I know she hasn't thrown it away and I'm sure it will be one of those childhood things that she'll always treasure.

Tuesday 2 February 2010

Another Grey Day!

Heavy clouds are everywhere today but it was still fun walking Alfie in the park, even if he did come home covered in mud!

Yesterday I worked on a LO that's been on my mind for ages.  It's a picture of Maddie that I absolutely love, taken in 2001.

I'm not sure about the word lazy I might change the letters to another alphabet.

I love the flowers and the bling

And I think the pattern on the glass pebbles go really well with the pattern on the cushion

I thought I would show you the clock I have in my living room.  I find it so easy to tell the time on it but, if I see a normal clock I struugle to work out the time!  I love my clock because I love all things quirky

It makes me smile and I love how it confuses other people

And these two little words remind me to get things done, to live my life because it does go far too quickly!