Friday 5 February 2010

End of the Week Again

Friday has arrived very quickly, probably because I'm not seeing Paul again this weekend.  When I was seeing him every weekend the week used to drag, now it goes at lightening speed!

I went to a crop last night and it really cheered me up, not getting much adult conversation at the moment, so it was good to get out.

I managed to get a LO done, which is excellent for a nosy person like me! Usually I'm too busy listening to what everyone's got to say, last night I multi tasked :o)

It's for the UKS Weekly Challenge, had to use pink, bling and old stash and I came up with this:

A simple LO with a bright,co-ordinating flower

Maddie really was crazy about her Cats Cradle, it used to drive me nuts.  Every five minutes it was "mum hold your hands out" and I'd always make the wrong move and twist it all up.  She lost it once and I had to trawl the net finding a new one (she wouldn't use a bit of old wool instead!).  Now that she's older I don't think she knows where it is any more but I know she hasn't thrown it away and I'm sure it will be one of those childhood things that she'll always treasure.

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Sandra said...

A gorgeous layout Jo :) .... although I'm sure you and I were at the same crop! Adult conversation ... I must have been out of the room then LOL. You and Paul have a wonderful weekend, you deserve it