Wednesday 28 September 2016

Five Favourites Finished!

I have hardly scrapped at all this summer which means I've got a bit behind on my Five Favourites project!  That doesn't mean that I've stopped altogether though and here, finally, are the layouts I created with May's photos:

Alfie got a new bed and he loved it.  I find it hard to get a bed for him and I don't know what a lot of the shops class a large dog as but most of their beds are just too small for him!
I went our for a drink with my friend Lauren, we don't get to see each other often but when we do it's like we've never been apart.  On the day we met up we both got Facebook notifications letting us know that we'd met up for drinks exactly four years ago to the day!
Maddie just being plain daft at work, the wall that she's peering round is the wall that divides her part of the office from mine.
After a lovely morning at the boot sale, in the hot sun, it was nice to have a sit down with an ice cold slush :)
And last but not least a layout with two stories.  It was going to be all about Paul carrying a watermelon but then it turned in to the story of how I accidentally poured a bottle of ink over it while adding the finishing touches!
I really enjoyed having some scrappy time and I'm looking forward to scrapping my July photos soon.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 26 September 2016

Week Thirty Nine

Week thirty nine was another lovely one, here are the highlights:

On Monday I had a cluster headache all day but I wasn't going to let that stop me going swimming!  After 55 lengths my headache was gone so I'll definitely be doing that the next time I get one.
Somebody, Maddie, raided the Ginger Nuts at work!
I had a brilliant time at Zumba :)
I got one of the new five pound notes :)
We went to a quiz night, we came second from the bottom!
But we cleared the table with the raffle prizes :)
I only lost half a pound this week but it was enough to get me this shiny sticker :)
And I really did enjoy dirty pudding :)
This was my Friday and ready for the weekend face :)
On Friday night I was babysitting for 3 of my nephews and my niece.  I arrived with Halloween masks to colour in, pens to colour with....
DVDs, popcorn to have while watching DVDs and hot chocolate to have before bed.
All of the kids were good as gold, there were no rows, no bickering and no fighting! They went to bed when they were told and made me feel like a champion babysitter :)
Saturday was a day for walking and shopping, it was time to get some smaller clothes!
And then I went to bingo in the evening where I was the only one not to have a win :(
On Sunday I went on a bit of a hike with Sarah and Bingo, her dog, and I absolutely loved it.
The views were amazing and the weather was great.
And then I had a lovely afternoon scrapping :)
Alfie really enjoyed watching the sheepdog trials on Countryfile, it must be the collie in him :)
Now it's another week, a week where we're doing something very exciting!

Enjoy the next seven days and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 19 September 2016

Week Thirty Eight

Week thirty eight was another good one, here are the highlights:

Monday was the 7th anniversary of Alfie's gotcha day.  We always tell him it's his birthday so of course we had to get him a present, which he loved :)
I had a lovely swim after work, I did 55 lengths in a much shorter time than a few weeks ago so I was pleased with that :)
Alfie had birthday cake :)
I had a really great time at Zumba and when I got home I used Maddie's pale face to show how red mine was!
After work on Wednesday I managed to get the grass cut before going for a 6 mile walk :)
I was happy to lose 1.5lbs this week but disappointed to be just shy of losing 5 stone in total :(
I really enjoyed dirty pudding :)
I was shocked when I logged on to Instagram to see that Becky Higgins had shared one of my photos and put this comment:
It was raining for most of Friday but I didn't let that stop my having a walk in the park!
Friday evening was sunny and dry for my road trip :)
I went to see this pretty girl :)
On Saturday we were up and early to go swimming, a great start to the day!
I made toffee and chocolate mousse from scratch for the first time ever using a Slimming World recipe:
And they tasted great :)
On Sunday we had blue skies again so had a lovely walk along the beach :)
And ladies, if you're struggling for possible gifts for him then look at what I found in a barbers in Bournemouth :)
I've got lots of lovely things planned for this week, I just hope I can fit everything in!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 12 September 2016

Week Thirty Seven

Week thirty seven was another good one, here are the highlights:

Well this isn't a highlight but it's how my week starts, at my desk ready for work!
I had a really great swim on Monday night, I felt like I could have gone on and on :)
Tuesday saw me and Jo at Zumba and it was another great session, we have a lot of laughs in the class as well as a good workout!
Wednesday night we went for our walk to the outdoor gym, it will be the last time this year because the nights are drawing in and it will be too dark and creepy to go there :)
Our hard work was rewarded with a great sunset :)
 I lost 2lbs making a total of 4st 12lbs and I was Slimmer of the Week for the third week running!
I also won this great cookbook in the raffle :)
And really enjoyed my dirty pudding!
My brother Jamie called me Big Pants!!! I had to inform him that my sister Jemma now wore the biggest pants so she bet me that I couldn't fit in to her trousers. I did and left her to walk round the office in my big, baggy pair :)
I had a little win at bingo on Friday :)
I started Saturday with a nice walk around the park :)
Before going to my monthly crop :)
I picked up some real bargains in the charity shop :)
And enjoyed one of the birthday cupcakes that Gaye, one of the birthday girls, had made :)
Before having a Martini moment and pouring a bottle of red mist ink over my finished layout!  I'm just going to leave it and add the story to the journalling :)
On Saturday night I had not one but two wins at bingo!
Sunday was sunny so I went for another long walk, me and Sarah sent this photo as a good morning text to Paul :)
I managed to go out for a cycle on my bike, I did about 4 miles so I'm slowly building up to the London to Brighton :)
I tried a new Slimming World recipe, Caribbean Turkey and Vegetable Stew from the All In One cookbook, it was gorgeous and there was even a portion left over for the freezer :)
And then I spent the rest of the evening sorting through hundreds of photos.
And got this stack all in order and dated ready to go in my Project Life album :)
Now it's the start of a new week and a new chance to get even closer to my weight loss target!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx