Monday 25 July 2016

Week Thirty

Week thirty was really lovely, here are the highlights:

I had Monday off work and me and Paul met up for breakfast with our friends, Sarah and Chris, a great way to start the week :)
Alfie decided to nick my blanket and I had to chase him around the garden to get it back!
He did, eventually, let me have it back and came for a little lie down on it :)
I wore my favourite cherry dress to work, it's not often that I wear a dress.
I got this new bargain handbag with a whopping 70% off!
Me and Maddie went to the cinema to see the new Ghostbusters film, it was great.
We had ice-cream in the office, this beauty was well worth the 12.5 SYNs :)
I lost 2.5lbs and was Slimmer of the Week :)
And that made dirty pudding taste even better :)
I also had Friday off work so headed down to Paul's early, this meant we had time for a lovely walk along the beach.
And we had dinner out :)
Saturday was another gorgeous day so we got all of the things we wanted to do out of the way early.
And then enjoyed an afternoon on the beach having a paddle, I really wish I'd taken my swimming costume with me :(
On Sunday we popped in to Frieda's for lunch:
Before it was time for me to head home and see my boy.
And enjoy some of the lemon cake Frieda had sent me home with :)
Now it's Monday again, they sure come round too quickly!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Poppy Walk 2016

On Sunday me and Paul got up early and made our way to London for the 2016 London Poppy Appeal Walk.
We started off at the HAC.
Where we were given maps and quiz sheets!
And then we made our way round London looking for clues.
We saw a mixture of new...
And old!
We learned a lot about London.
And saw things we never knew where there.
I am intrigued by Jack the Ripper so it was nice to walk past this and have a little look inside :)
We found memorials that we never knew were there.
And of course we had time for a Starbucks in the middle of St Katherine Docks (which, obviously, I did know was there!)
We saw bridges...
And Towers :)
And Paul found his own personal walk :)
The Eye and Big Ben :)
This Thai restaurant on The Strand is the only building in London to survive the Great Fire!!!
And this pub, built in 1546, is down a tiny alleyway that would make you just walk past if you weren't looking for answers to a quiz :)
So 10k later we had done it! We arrived back at the HAC wishing there was more to explore and learn about.
The only downside was the finishing medal was made of chocolate and Sunday was super hot :(
Finally we headed back down The Tube after having a great day out and raising money for a good cause.
I can't recommend this walk highly enough, I've lived almost in London all my life and have done tour managing work around London yet there were still so many things I didn't know about.  Equally Paul, as a coach driver, has taken many groups to London but a lot of things were new to him too.

If you'd like to join the fun then look out for details of the London Poppy Walk 2017, I'll definitely be there!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 18 July 2016

Week Twenty Nine

Week twenty nine was brilliant, here are the highlights:

Maddie was pleased, as you can see by the look on her face, to win some money in the work sweep stake for having the dirtiest football team...Italy!
I bumped in to a very dear friend outside the office, later in the day I realised it was exactly a year since I'd last seen her!
I had a great night at Zumba :)
I didn't have any luck at bingo :(
Our boss treated us to lunch from Blacks Burgers :)
I lost 1lb and enjoyed dirty pudding :)
I had the day off work on Friday and spent some time with The Bears :)
Sandra very genorously gave me all of this unwanted paper, after being on a stash ban all year I was very grateful :)
Paul came up for the weekend and we went out to dinner :)
After a walk round the shops on Saturday we enjoyed this pitstop :)
On Sunday we were up early and on our way to London, more about that later in the week though!
And then we spent a few hours in the garden on Sunday evening enjoying well earned ice-creams :)
This week has started off so well, I've had the day off work today :)

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 11 July 2016

Week Twenty Eight

Another week has flown by, here are the highlights:

The weather was certainly a lot brighter :)
Just a normal day in the office...
Wearing an elephant outfit :)
I really enjoyed Zumba, I just wish they did the same class on another evening so I could do it twice a week!
I started to notice how all of my hard work has been paying off!
I treat myself to this and I've already picked a few things I want to make :)
Another normal day in the office with visitors bearing gifts!
After a full day at work I came home and cut the grass...
Before going on a 4 mile walk!
We had food taster at slimming, some really delicious things to try.
But not quite as good as dirty pudding!
We certainly got that Friday feeling :)
Alfie wanted a biscuit...and he got one :)
Saturday was a crop day where I managed a couple of layouts before Sandra stole my blending tool and took it home with her!
On Sunday I went for a lovely walk with Bingo.
Before having a cuddle with these two when I went to collect my stolen property :)
In the afternoon I read in the garden
Before I came inside when the sun hid behind the clouds and did some scrapping :)
In the evening I relaxed by watching Land Girls while the football was on in the background :)
This week is a short week for me at work and then a four day weekend, it's not all relaxing though because I'm taking part in the 10k Poppy Walk in London.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx