Monday 28 April 2014

Week Seventeen

Week 17 is done and dusted, here are the highlights:

Because of the Bank Holiday on Monday I managed to get my Project Life pages done for week sixteen:
I think know it's the first time I've ever got a week in the album so quickly.
I got in to work on Tuesday and found this lovely gift on my desk from my niece, Hells Bells :)
We had a mouthwatering experience trying to pick a dirty pudding:
I spent some time with my nephew Jack on his birthday, my other nephew, Oliver, photo bombed him!
Despite Maddie showing them off it was me who made Slimming World friendly overnight oats and they were delicious:
I got a super quick delivery from Wool Warehouse, Alfie was obsessed by it and just wouldn't leave it alone!
My sister, Jemma, has been asking me for years to make a layout using the pictures I took of her doing the London to Brighton bike ride in 2010.  It was her birthday on Saturday so I surprised her with this:
And she made us the most delicious pulled pork rolls for her birthday tea :)
I saw this little cutie, my niece Alice.  She's a bit poorly at the moment because she's teething but she still had plenty of smiles for me :)
I enjoyed a bowl of popcorn while watching a Harry Potter film with Maddie.  I'm on the fourth film now but I'm really not a fan :(
I popped up in to the loft to put a bag of stuff away and came down with another 3 projects to do!  I found this cardigan that I'd started making for Maddie when she was little.  She'll be 20 in June so I'll never see her wear it, it's a good job I have a ton of nieces though :)
So all in all it was a pretty quiet week really.

I hope you had a good one.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 21 April 2014

Week Sixteen

Another week has passed and what a week it was, here are the highlights.

This little cutie, my niece Hells Bells, popped into the office for a visit:
I had a couple of little wins at bingo :)
A friend gifted me a ton of magazines and I'm looking forward to flicking through them and making a project list:
Not so great was getting a parking ticket :(
My sewing machine was finally serviced and repaired and I can't wait to get using it again.
I had a win on the lottery!
I picked up this bargain to make Alfie some healthy snacks :)
I had a game of football with my nephew Gorgeous George:
This weeks dirty pudding was delicious :)
And of course I had to have a Hot Cross Bun on Good Friday:
I met up with a friend I haven't seen for ages:
Alfie got a new bed but didn't want his old bed to be thrown away so now he's like the Princess and the Pea on piles of mattresses!
My oldest friend got me this lovely gift:
We had a lot of rain on Sunday and I have to confess I rather liked it :)
And finally the only Easter Egg I got and the only reason I got it was because I stole if from my niece Alice :)
I hope you've had a great week and a lovely Easter weekend.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 14 April 2014

Week 15!

Week 15 was busy and fun, the sun was shining and I spent a lot of time with family and friends.  Here are the highlights:

On Monday I went out to dinner with the lovely Sandra:
I had a pulled pork burger and it was lush!
Then we met up with Dawn, an online friend from UKScrappers, Dawn, she was so nice and we had a great evening.
On Tuesday I went to the cinema with my girl.  We saw Captain America 2 which was excellent, we both preferred it to the first one.
On Wednesday I was feeling energetic so I cut the grass after work, it's so nice to have the sun shining and be able to get out and enjoy the garden.
Thursday was weigh day, I lost a pound, and enjoyed my dirty pudding :)
On Friday I increased my glasses collection, I love the pink ones because they remind me of Garcia from Criminal Minds :)
We also had Sarah over to watch Googlebox with us, it's getting a bit of a tradition now :)
Saturday saw the arrival of my Studio Calico kit:
And all of the family got together to celebrate my aunt's birthday:
I managed a bit of crafting time over the weekend.
And got week 13 of Project Life in my album.
On Sunday evening I had a lovely cuddle with my boy after a very busy weekend!
I hope you had a good week.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday 7 April 2014

Week Fourteen

Another week has whizzed by and I don't mind admitting that I've even been looking at Christmas gifts to make because the year is flying by!

Here are my highlights from the fourteenth week of 2014.

I had a little win at bingo which was nice:
My very generous boss treated me to noodles and a bad boy dumpling for lunch!
I had lots of my hair chopped off :)
Fruit featured a lot in my lunches, especially after those noodles earlier in the week!
These two had lots of cuddles:
And this was dirty pudding!  M&S say it serves 4 but with 14 profiteroles we couldn't work out what they thought a serving size was so that it was equal.
As always I spent lots of time with my lovely girl :)
We had some lovely sunsets.
Saturday was crop day and what a great start I had with a visit to Starbucks :)
Now I'm not a dress wearer but this one really caught my eye and I felt fantastic in it, I'm still deciding whether to buy it or not.
I joined in the crop sweep stake for the Grand National and WON!!! Maybe it's a sign that I should buy that dress!
I spent a bit of time with my great niece, as soon as she saw me she shouted "I haven't seen you forever and I've missed you", she makes my heart melt!
Sunday arrived along with a migraine so I didn't get much done, I just about managed to look at my lovely sewing.
So another great week and I'm really hoping this coming week is just as good - minus the migraine!

I hope you had a good week

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx