Sunday 25 July 2010

Another Great Weekend

The weekend started early for me which was great.  Went to a crop on Thursday night and actually managed to get a layout done!
My nephews, they might be brothers but they're like chalk and cheese!

Friday we were  up and out early for our visit to The Tower of London.  Maddie was her usual happy self!

It was a lovely day but a lot of stairs to climb.

In the evening it was over to Mum's to see the birthday boy celebrate becoming one year old.

He was a bit more interested in watching all the other kids blow out his candle.

Such a cutie and I have never seen a baby smile so much.

Yesterday I took Jess to have her stitches out and then, after enjoying lunch with her and Mum, I came home and did some scrapping.  This is my take on the weekly challenge over at UKScrappers.  We had to make the background paper, I used stamps for this.  We had to emboss so I made the little frame, we also had to use a stamp so I popped one in the frame.  The doily is my lace element of the challenge and finally summer colours:

When I go out with Clare we always like to find somewhere to have a cream tea, hence the title:

I've done all of my housework and boring jobs and now I'm hoping to spend the rest of the day scrapping.  Hope everyone has been having a great weekend xx

Wednesday 21 July 2010


Paul says I hardly ever mention him in my blog so here's a very Paul heavy post! 

Here's Paul:

And again:

We've been together for two and a half years now but are separated by 106 miles, he lives near the sea and I live near London.  It does mean the time we spend together is great.

He makes me laugh:
And he is the most talented man I know:

He did this tattoo for his son Luke from start to finish, design and everything.

He did this design for me.

My dad died a couple of years ago so Paul did this for me:


As well as drawing, painting and tattooing he likes to make models:

He can build and fix cars, do DIY and plumbing but he likes to relax too!

And he has the most wonderful, well behaved, beautiful dog Pippy:

So Paul, this post is for you to let you know I think you're wonderful and I love you with all my heart xxx

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Only Tuesday!

I feel like I've done a full week at work already and it's only Tuesday!  Just two days left though because I'm off on Friday to see the Crown Jewels, hope the rain doesn't hit then!

I managed to get a couple of layouts done at the weekend.  This one was for the UKScrapper house challenge.  You had to use seven photos and a technique you had never used on a layout before:
A nice busy layout to remind me of the very busy day we had searching for elephants in London.  The new technique I used was to machine sew.  Never done it before because I could never be bothered to unpack the sewing machine for just a small thing but I'm so glad I did.  The red flowery frame is stitched and if you look very closely you can just about see it!

I loved hand cutting the flowers and layering them on.

The second layout was a Twisted Sketch, which I twisted on its side,  the required twist was red so I think I got that covered!

Right now I am sitting in front of the fan wondering if I am hungry enough to move away from the cool air to get some dinner! lol x

Friday 16 July 2010

Early Start

To the weekend.  I had a half day today so I dashed home, did the housework, went to see my sister in hospital (she's had something done to the disks in her back) and now the weekend is mine!

I thought I'd share a few layouts that I did.  I volunteered to set the weekly challenge over on UKScrappers, I volunteered when I was out of work and had all the time in the world! lol The date came round for my challenge and to say I was nervous would be an understatement.  The challenge I came up with was to use bright colours because the hot weather has turned the grass yellow and brown, to use a title from a TV program or film, to use flowers because I love them and buttons because every layout should have them.  I had to come up with a sample page but I actually managed to do 3 sample pages in the end!

One of the rug rats belongs to my sister Jessica and the other belongs to my sister Jemma but they are always together.

This one of my brother Jon's and another of Jessica's and they are best friends.

I found it relaxing cutting out the pinwheels and I love the way they look.

And the 'monsters' belong to Jessica and Jemma.

I'll never be short of scrapping material with all these nieces and nephews about!  We all went to my Mum's the other day, my brothers, sisters, their kids and me and Mads and there were 16 of us there in total and 1 absent because he was stranded at his other nan's because she had a flat tyre.  Quite a group but I didn't have my camera....doh!

I'm now looking forward to a very scrappy and hopefully happy weekend xx

Sunday 11 July 2010

Relaxing, Sunny Sunday

I have had such a great weekend, it's been fun, relaxing and hot!

Last weekend I went to a Fourth of July BBQ hosted by some of the girls at the crop.  There were 10 girls from the crop there and would you believe we hardly took any photos! Not sure what happened there, we had plenty of food and drink though.  Here is the one and only picture that I took:
It was on the gate post and my intention was to start as I meant to go on but that just didn't happen.

I did this LO the other day from a sketch on the Twisted Sketches site, the twist was music:

I also twisted the sketch on its side to fit my photos.

I used a song title and music notes as my twist.  The pictures are of my niece and nephew, they're not brother and sister but they always seem to be together.  It's very rare to get a photo of them apart.

I also did the weekly challenge on UKScrappers.  We had to use a sketch, someone relaxing or idle, 7 of something and stamping or stitching.  I'll give you three guess what I used as the idle element of my LO!

The first picture of Maddie on her 16th Birthday!

You can almost see the dribble on her face!  I used 7 brads and sewed the button onto the flower so full points to me!

I went to my monthly crop yesterday and had a great time.  Managed to get 2 LOs done which is good for me, I also bought some dresses which is unheard of for me!  The dresses weren't for sale at the crop but at the Sainsbury's next door (thought I'd clear that up lol).

Today I went to a boot sale with my friend Clare and.....wait for it......Maddie!!! She actually got out of bed and bothered to come with us.  I got some lovely buttons which were attached to a child's top until I got home and snipped them off.  Clare stayed for lunch which was lovely and then I've just been having a nice lazy afternoon before I head back to the office tomorrow. x

Wednesday 7 July 2010


Busy day at the office:

Well you've got to have a laugh haven't you?!?!

On the crafting front I have finally finished these....drum roll please....

Ok I know they would look better with feet in them but the foot model is watching the football, that girl gets weirder by the minute! lol

I'm going to a crop tomorrow, a crop all day Saturday, Windsor on Sunday and I can't wait. Does life get much better than this? Not for an easily pleased person like moi! x

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Thursday 1 July 2010

A Wicked Day

Yesterday Maddie became sweet 16, well I'm still waiting for the sweetness to come but I'm sure it will happen soon! For four years she has been asking me to take her to see the hit West End show Wicked so I got her tickets for her birthday and boy was she surprised.

The only time she really smiled when she opened her presents was when she looked at the tickets and realised we were going to see it that day

She was great company on the train

But we had a fantastic day, the show was amazing and I sang Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen at every opportunity just to embarrass her!

I'm off craft shopping now because I think I deserve a treat too for letting her get to her 16th birthday! lol x