Tuesday 31 March 2015

Five Favourites Finished

I really enjoyed scrapping my five favourite photos from February and managed to get a lot of stash used up :)

This was a great photo, it was taken through the window of a moving car but it holds high hopes for a good summer and I wanted to get it in my album :)
When I was sorting through my stack of old papers I knew this sheet would be perfect for my layout of Bella :)
Some of these papers are ancient but I thought they tied the layout together perfectly :)
A real mixture of old and new papers for this one!
You have to have lots of stars on a layout of someone with their Oscar :)
So now I have 20 layouts in my albums since I started this project back in November!

I'll be back soon to share my five favourite photos from March.

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Jo xx

Monday 30 March 2015

Week Thirteen

The last full week of March is over already! Here are the highlights:

I knew I'd be achy after the Marsden March last Sunday so I booked Monday off work and spent the day scrapping :)
And then I had a little win at bingo :)
Tuesday I met a friend for lunch and allowed myself a treat :)
I had a hidden extra in my strawberries!
A new notebook that I just couldn't resist :)
On Wednesday I got in from work early, my new DVD had turned up so I hid in my bedroom for an hour watching it with my crochet and a coffee :)
Alfie lost his dog tag, it was the one I brought him home from the rescue center with so I was a bit upset.  This is the shiny new replacement :)
And here's how handsome he looks in it, I think he's still a bit sad that he lost the original though :(
I had a 3lb weight loss this week and enjoyed this dirty pudding :)
A day after I got him a new tag Alfie found his old one! They say all things happen for a reason and, once I'd cleaned the mud off, I realised that my number had worn off of the old one.  He is chipped but I know having my number on his tag will get him back to me quicker should he go for a wander!
Friday night was bingo night :)
Saturday was a really busy day but I did manage to have a lovely lunch with my friend Clare :)
The clocks changed on Sunday so we lost an hour :( I had made sure I had nothing to do on Sunday so I enjoyed an hour in bed reading some magazines :)
I then started my lazy day the right way :)
And spent almost all of the day scrapping :)
Last week was a really great week and I hope this one is just as good!

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Jo xx

Saturday 28 March 2015

Marsden March

Almost a week ago I set off for my biggest walking challenge to date, 14 miles from the Marsden Hospital in Chelsea to the Marsden Hospital in Sutton!
I did it with the bingo girls and a few other friends.
And I felt very nervous and excited when I reach the Marsden in Chelsea on Sunday morning.
Here are some of us all ready for the off.
And here is Sarah photo bombing me just as we're about to cross the start line :)
I didn't take that many photos and there are lots of things I missed. I just about managed to get a photo with the windmill on Wimbledon Common but I was just too tired to even think of taking a photo of my sister and mum waiting at a local pub to cheer me on.  Nobody got a picture of the moment when my sister handed me her glass of cider and I downed it! (well I had just walked 10.5 miles!)
And I did get a photo at the halfway mark, although the sun has obscured the number 7 on the sign. What I didn't get was a photo of Lin's hubby Steve who had kindly met us 2.5 miles from the finish with hot tea and bacon rolls! That was so welcome and we were all very grateful.
I did get a picture of me about to cross the finish line but I didn't get any photos of how the last 2 miles were virtually all up hill!
We started together and we finished together, encouraging each other to walk those last few hundred yards.  I couldn't have done it without them.
I took a quick picture of my medal so that I could text it to my sofa supporters :)
And I was lucky enough to get away with just two, large, painful blisters!
So with this post I have my photos along with my memories.

Now I am asking myself...what next?! :)

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Jo xx

Thursday 26 March 2015

Crochet Mood Blanket Week Twelve

Another week is over and another set of colours have been added to my mood blanket.  Here's what inspired me during this busy week:

Day 78 - Grape, I had a really good day but a weight gain :(
Day 79 - Saffron, there was meant to be an eclipse but we missed it due to the cloud coverage :(
Day 80 - Lipstick, I had a couple of wins at bingo :)
Day 81 - Aspen, I completed the Marsden March, a 14 mile walk!
Day 82 - Spice, I had a nice, relaxing day off work :)
Day 83 - Petrol, I had a really busy day at work catching up!
Day 84 - Cream, the sun was out but it was freezing!
And here's how it's coming along :)
Because it's still cold in the evenings it's keeping me nice and warm while I'm working on it :)

I'm looking forward to making it grow this week.

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Jo xx

Monday 23 March 2015

Week Twelve

Week twelve certainly marched past, in more ways than one! Here are the highlights:

I had cuddles with my boy :)
And hugs with my girl :)
I cleaned the car....with baby wipes!
My sister helped model my crochet mood blanket :)
Dirty pudding :)
This was our view of the eclipse, totally cloud coverage!
I had dinner at bingo as a treat :)
And a nice little win :)
I watched my nephew Jack in his cup final.  A great match but his team lost 4-3 :(
Obviously the excitement of the game was all too much for his sister Alice :)
Another couple of wins at bingo :)
On Sunday I took part in the Marsden March, walking from the Marsden in Chelsea to the Marsden in Sutton!
All 14 miles of it with a great group of friends :)
And I made it to the finish!!!!
Still with that great group of friends who gave so much support to each other :)
And now it's Monday morning and my blistered feet are so grateful that I had the forethought to book today off work :)

I hope you had a great week
Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx