Thursday 5 March 2015

Crochet Mood Blanket Week Nine

Week nine has ended, so has February and I'm still bang up to date with this project. Here are my colours for the last seven days:

Day 57 - Raspberry, I was happy, had a weight loss and a night out with the girls at bingo that ended with a couple of wins :)
Day 58 - Pomegranate, I had a great day with friends at Make It :)
Day 59 - Saffron, I went to the seaside to see Paul for the weekend :)
Day 60 - Copper, I had a lovely, lazy, cosy day :)
Day 61 - Spring Green, it was a lovely, sunny, springlike day :)
Day 62 - Violet, I was feeling really happy and had just started my first cross stitch project in years :)
Day 63 - Camel, I had to have a filling at the dentist :(
And here's how it's looking now :)
I wonder where my moods will take me next week?!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sian said...

I'm wondering too!

Have you seen the new Stylecraft colours? Three more to fit your mood

Barbara Eads said...

There's a lot to congratulate you for. 1. Keeping up with your blanket. 2. Your weight loss (that's no small feat) and 3. Your wins at bingo. I do hope your prizes were good!!

Alison said...

Looking good! Xx

Becky said...

Looking good! Ithis post has reminded me that I must get on with my knitting!

Sandra said...

Other than the dentist, a good and happy colourful week x