Wednesday 28 December 2016

Week Fifty Two

Week fifty two whizzed by, here are the highlights:

I finished work for the holidays on Friday so got up early on Monday morning and went for a lovely walk over the golf course:
Where I saw a white squirrel!
I saw this little pixie, she was so excited about Santa arriving shortly :)
I went out to lunch with Sarah:
And I was a little big pig :)
But we do only go out to eat a couple of times a year :)
I made sure that I worked really hard at zumba in the evening :)
We were all dressed up for Christmas and then went for a drink afterwards :)
On Wednesday I went for a lovely 4 mile walk:
Followed by a 60 length swim:
Before going on a 6 mile walk!
I wore my Christmas dress for slimming and I was over the moon to have lost 2.5lbs :)
It made dirty pudding taste even better!
On Friday I went in to the office to man the phones:
So that the boss could take everyone with rugrats to the pantomime :)
And then it was time to chill with a drink :)
Christmas Eve was baking day and I made some mince pies and snickerdoodles :)
Paul arrived for the weekend and he was lucky enough to have a win at bingo :)
Christmas Day was amazing, it was great to chill out, spend time with family, eat, drink and be merry :)
I hope you had an amazing Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sandra said...

What a great Christmas you had Jo. xx

Lizzy Hill said...

Wonderful photos....what a lovely festive time you've had! Love that you ate ummmm 'well'....then worked out even 'weller'!!!!! Happy 2017 to you & yours!!

Sian said...

Happy, happy photos!

Happy New Year JO! I hope you continue to share your uplifting weekly posts in 2017. I look forward to each and every one.