Wednesday 24 August 2011


Okay, the other day I said I had a plan for using up my kits and here it is:

Everywhere I look there are kits, I subscribe to Gotta Craft and Sarah's Cards:
So I get two big kits everyone month and on top of that two smaller kits every month from my crop, also available at Gotta Craft.
Even after taking a few photos of kits today I realised I still had even more dotted about the house and some still in my tote bag!
Now this really isn't a brag post about how many kits I've got, we've all got them tucked away somewhere.  This is a post about my plan to get them used.  First I need the help of my beautiful assistant:

 I asked Maddie to pick a kit from the selection laid out:
After much eye rolling she selected this kit:
From Gotta Craft in February.  The papers are Glitz, Love Nest and it is a kit that I have actually cut into already!
So now I'm going to sort out some photos to go with the kit.  I normally do it the other way round but I've challenged myself to use this kit and it will be so much easier to look through albums to find the perfect photos.  I won't be moving on to my next kit until I can't get any more out of this one, I might even make some cards.

I'm going to try and use this kit up by the end of the weekend and telling you all about it will mean I have to get it done.  Next week I'll show you the layouts I've made from this kit and show you next week's kit selected by my beautiful assistant.

If you want to join in then link me to your blog and we'll encourage each other :)

In other news, I've got first aid training tomorrow. When my brother passed his course he made everyone call him Doctor!

Hope your week is going well


Jo.C said...

Great idea Jo - look forward to seeing what you create :0)

Michelle S said...

Wow! U have got loads...I subscribe 2 SC and haven't even looked at the last kit :( I cant wait to see what u make :)

Sandra said...

What a great idea Jo. To be fair to you, you are normally really good at jumping straight into the bags and get crafting :)

What I do want to say is wow, looking at Sam was like looking at a mini you :). I've seen loads of photos of her where i think she looks like you, but she so captured you in this photo.

Good luck tomorrow, have fun xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my word what a lot of kits you have. I am sure you will make some beautiful pages from the one that has been selected by your lovely assistant.

Alison said...

Great idea for using up these kits, Jo...I don't subscribe to any, which is probably just as well! Your Maddie DOES look like you!
Alison xx

Lisa-Jane said...

That looks like a great kit and a great idea. I don't subscribe to any or I would end up the same but I definitely need to use up some stash so I might ask my assistant to choose something as a starting point. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Great idea Jo:o) I stopped subscribing because they were just piling up!
Your assistant is indeed beautiful xx