Wednesday 20 November 2013

I'm Mad About The Boy!

I know that I don't stop going on about how much I love my boy, Alfie.  He was a rescue dog removed from a home where he'd been locked in a room with no food, no water and no love. That all changed just over four years ago when he came to live with us.

He's a Belgium Shepherd/Collie cross but I haven't come up with a ridiculous name for him like the overpriced Labradoodle mongrels :)
I thought I would tell you a couple of things about Alfie, the things that make me laugh and make my heart melt. He loves cuddly toys, they're his babies and they are always near to him. When I get the vacuum out he always runs to get his babies so that he can save them :)
When I go to Paul's Alfie always stays behind to look after Maddie and he always moves into my bedroom.  Last time I came home I found FOUR of his babies in there! He was most upset when I removed them and I'm sure he thought he was moving in for good :)
Another thing about Alfie is that he always has to be touching me. When I'm preparing dinner in the kitchen he's always at my feet, when I'm crafting at the table you can bet he's at my feet.
If I'm sitting on the sofa sewing or knitting then he is always there lying right next to me. Even if it's just his head leaning on my foot he will always find away to touch me.
And, despite his size, in his head he thinks he is a lap dog!

I love him to bits and wouldn't have him any other way.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo x


furrypig said...

what a fabulous post i can really feel the love you have for Alfie and he is soooo lucky to have you too

Lou said...

awww Alfie is lucky to have you both! x

Becky said...

How sweet! I love that he saves his babies when you are vacuuming!

Lisa-Jane said...

Aw, that's lovely Jo! He sounds so funny hiding his babies.

Anonymous said...

It is so lovely that Alfie obviously returns the love you show him. How brave to save his babies from the scarey hoover!

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Alfie sounds like a wonderful boy!! :) Pets are an important part of our family too and I love reading about others and their pets too.

Abi said...

Alfie seems so lovely. I love that he leans his head against you.

My not so simple life said...

He is such a sweetie :) Love the little stories about him.