Monday 19 January 2015

Week Three

This week was over far too quickly for my liking!  Here are the highlights:

I had a real panic when my computer had a funny turn so thought it was best to finally back up my pictures!
I had a little win at bingo :)
I went for my first proper walk of the year and did it in rain, sleet and hail!
I finished this blanket for my niece Alice:
And she really loved it :)
I turned 43!
My boss bought me a birthday lunch :)
And my mum cooked me a lovely roast :)
Maddie bought me this beautiful charm :)
The neighbour's fence finally fell down :(
I lost 2.5lbs and had dirty pudding :)
I met my friend Lauren for lunch:
Then had not one…
But two lovely wins at bingo :)
I baked a cake:
To take to the crop:
Assembled this beauty :)
Had another win - I should point out that I don't go to bingo every day but get a lot of free vouchers in January :)
I got all of my 2014 photos in my Project Life album:
And spent Sunday evening eating cheesecake and watching TV:
No wonder the week went so quickly! It also included a visit to a craft shop, coffee with a friend, crocheting and knitting…phew!

Have a great week. 

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sandra said...

Well done on the win on Saturday. It really was an amazing week for you x

Sian said...

It sounds like a great birthday week. I'm with you on the panic about a computer with a funny turn..I suffered that this week too and it panicked me more than a little.

Have a great week!

Barbara Eads said...

Wow! No wonder your week zoomed by. Sounds like a perfect birthday week to me! It pretty much was all about YOU!! Well done!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

You packed lots of good things into your birthday week.

Becky said...

Sounds like you had a great week!