Monday 11 May 2015

Week Nineteen

You know a week is going to be a good one when it starts with a Bank Holiday, last week was a good week, here are the highlights:

We walked down to the beach to see Bournemouth FC parade the Champions League cup, the beach was red!
A rare photo of Paul smiling :)
My tooth broke, obviously this was not a highlight!
Someone was not happy to be back at work on Tuesday!
I had a little win at bingo :)
And some lovely cuddles with this handsome boy :)
Maddie going in for a kiss with the boy :)
I saw hundreds of photos like this on Thursday so there was no way I could forget to vote!
I had a huge weight gain but still had dirty pudding!
Maddie asked me to take a non posed photo of her!
Saturday was crop day where I did almost nothing except eat, chat and laugh!
Another little win at bingo :)
On Sunday morning I went for a long walk and then cut the grass, this was my reward, a Slimming World big boy breakfast :)
Alfie enjoyed playing in the garden with the newly cut grass :)
And then the weekend was almost over so I did a bit of knitting while watching the BAFTAs.
Now I'm ready for a new week with some lovely plans.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sian said...

Ooh, that looks like that "Pigeon Toes" shade of wool, which is so beautiful.

I hope you get your tooth fixed soon. I'm a chicken. i have a crown sitting in an eggcup on the kitchen window sill, waiting for me to make an appointment to have it reattached!

Sandra said...

And I'm sure you tried to add some of my stash to yours at the crop lol.

You had a good week for sure x

Becky said...

Oops! A bit late but hope you had a good week. Your previous week looks like it went well (apart from the weight and the tooth). Love the photo of you and Paul :)