Thursday 8 October 2015

Five Favourites Finished!

At last I've got my five favourite photos scrapped!  I've had a bit of a cold over the last couple of weeks so I've preferred to spend my time crocheting blankets and snuggling!

I really raided my stash for these layouts, some companies are not around anymore and some of the stickers I used must be nearly 15 years old!

Not Hot Hot - Paul's first visit to Nandos and he was worried it would be too hot for him :)
This one is my favourite photos of the summer and one of my favourite layouts to date, very old October Afternoon papers were used....and that ancient sticker!
I must have hundreds of photos of these two cuddling but I never tire of scrapping them :)
A very floral layout for my day learning all about bees and some perfect stamps!
And finally one of my favourite papers from Sassafras for probably my favourite ever photo of me and Paul :)
Now it's time to sort my five favourite photos from September and get them in the this space!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Michelle S said...

Gorgeous layouts Jo xx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

The products may be old, but the pages all look fresh.

Sian said...

I'm the same..with the cold I can't think straight enough to scrap. I've been knitting on the sofa, watching the rugby. But I'm so glad you got these finished up. Fiona is right: they do look completely fresh

Sandra said...

Absolutely without a doubt .... Some of your best layouts. You really did that photo of Paul walking a great justice. I think some of these should be put into frames. Seems a shameful to hide them in your album especially that one of you and Paul together x

Lizzy Hill said...

Hi Jo.....I happened to be commenting after your comment over at Sian's re: the 300 comments. Now, I'm a serial commenter and follow lots of blogs [crazy] but your comment got me.....SERIOUSLY HONESTLY I don't care if someone just says 'love your work' in the exact same words a zillion times. I get a buzz that they even bothered to leave some 'love' seriously, honestly, NEVER not leave a comment cos you don't think it will be worth the reading. You know it will be - you sit on the other side of the fence, too, right??!!! And on that note, I have to say, I've just read YOUR, love, love your LOs....especially the 'dream' one....& I have to say I REALLY like your 'graphic' lines - well, that's my term for them. And doilies....sigh AND I reckon stash busting is THE best AND....looks like I might just have to add you to my groaning blog list!!! So seeya around scrappy land!!!!

Becky said...

Great layouts! Especially love the bees one :)

Barbara Eads said...

I love your layouts! I tend to be a linear scrapbooker and am drawn to those layouts. You do such a nice job with layering. I need to work on that more.

Jo said...

Thank you for taking the time to leave this comment, it means a lot and I will make sure to leave comments because they are worth reading x

Alison said...

Love the layouts.....I'm still sorting out April and May's photographs, but I have done SO much more scrapping this year thanks to your brilliant idea! xx