Monday 16 January 2017

Week Two In The Life Of Me

I didn't have anything as exciting as appearing in the paper this week but that's not to say it wasn't a good one.  Here are the highlights:

I just loved how the clouds rippled in the full moon the other evening:
I treated myself to some birthday gifts which took far too long to arrive because the delivery driver couldn't be bothered to get out of his van!
Alice turned 4 and liked the blanket I made her, she did complain that it didn't smell like the old one that I made her a couple of years ago though!
It was great to get back to Zumba again, I really missed it during the Christmas break.
I didn't let the rain stop me walking in the park during my lunch break :)
We had snow!
I lost 2.5 lbs this week and was Slimmer of the Week :)
And of course that made dirty pudding taste all the sweeter :)
Alfie enjoyed having a play in the snow :)
I turned 45!
And spent my birthday morning walking in the left over snow :)
Maddie got me some lovely gifts :)
I had a lovely afternoon sorting through a few weeks months of Project Life photos!
And I had a play with my wool winder :)
I had a tiny win at bingo :)
I spent Sunday morning walking in the rain, Sarah dressed for deep sea fishing!
I actually cast on something for myself!
These two had a lot of cuddles :)
My mum cooked me, Maddie, Sarah and Sarah's mother in law, Pauline, a lovely roast to celebrate my birthday :)
So of course we had to play games in the evening :)
And then it was time for knitting and the final Sherlock :)
So all in all it was another lovely seven days.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sian said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Lizzy Hill said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday. I love a roast! I'm 10 years older than you;) Love that you had snow. It's 9pm here & still 33C.....they say it's going to be 30C over night. Even for that it's ridiculously hot..... & well done with more weight loss! You're rocking it atm!!

Sandra said...

So what will you do to top the first two weeks of the year!first week in the papers, next week it's your birthday ... I'll be waiting lol xx

Barbara Eads said...

Looks like we are both January babies! Happy belated birthday to you. You certainly got a lot of nice gifts. Also, I'm impressed with the amount of walking you did. You have certainly made it part of your lifestyle. Although not as successful as you, I have been back on the treadmill this past week. Now I only have to go another 11 weeks to make sure it's a habit that sticks!