Wednesday 13 September 2017

Week Thirty Three Had A Trip Down Memory Lane

Wow, summer got so busy and I was far too busy making memories to document them!  I'm here now playing catch up so the good times are stored somewhere until I have time to get them in my albums.  Here are the highlights from week thirty three:

I got some happy mail, my lovely Quirky Kit :)
I had a great evening at Zumba with Jo :)
Me and my neighbour found a lost cat, took it to the vets at 10pm and found out 12 hours later that the owner had been found, this is Fluffy:
I saw Rufus, I haven't seen him for ages and boy has he grown!
I had a second great session of Zumba :)
Still at target and still enjoying dirty pudding :)
The weather has been amazing!
I had a couple of lovely wins at bingo :)
I went to dog sit the lovely Monica, she really is a great dog and a pleasure to look after :)
I decided it was time to get some socks on my needles ready for the autumn/winter :)
I cut the grass and Alfie approved :)
Years ago we used to go to bingo on Friday and Sunday nights at our local social club but then we stopped.  Me and Sarah decided to pop down there and see if it was still the same, it wasn't and we ended up being the youngest people there :)
Looking back it was a good week and I'll be back in a day or two to share what happened next.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Becky said...

Sorry the bingo wasn't the same! I wish my shoulder didn't play up when I try to knit these days - my age I suppose! Looking forward to seeing the socks.

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