Tuesday 4 May 2010

May Already!

And the 4th of May at that! Time sure is flying, I can't believe I haven't blogged for a week.  I have been busy with work but I did have a crop as well so it wasn't all bad.  I did have to waste money on another tyre, that's three in two weeks now but safety first!

To make myself feel better I went on a little spree to The Craft Barn, plenty of craft shopping with my friend Clare and then finished off with a cream tea.....bliss.

I went down to the coast to see Paul on Saturday night and we had a lovely time just the two of us.  We sat outside the pub commenting on the amount of young women that totter about on ridiculously high heels.  I wonder if they know that they look like they're trying to hold a walnut in between their cheeks as they try to walk along.  It made me feel that we'll never see couples rowing in the street with the man walking away and the woman chasing after them because, in the heels they're wearing, if the men let go the women can't move a step!  I know I sound old but just watching them try to waddle makes my feet ache!

Here's one of the layouts I did from the UKScrappers recent cyborcrop.  As soon as I saw the class I knew it would be perfect for this picture of Maddie painting a bench when she was younger.  Getting an action shot of her is very rare and, now that she's a teenager, I'm lucky that she can just about be bothered to breathe for herself! lol
I didn't want to waste any of my lovely alphabet stickers by painting over them, peeling them off and throwing them away....I don't even like using them on layouts, I just like to look at them!  So to make things harder for myself, I printed the letters out onto cheap old paper, hand cut them and then stuck them down with repositionable glue.

The effect is still the same.

And of course I had to have a flower on it.

After a miserable weekend the sun has been shining today but it is freezing, my dad always said I should live in a hot house and I think he was right.

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Sandra said...

I didn't want to nag, but yes I'm not happy with you just blogging once a week LOL ... and pleassseeee, no excuses LOL. I just love this layout Jo - I can't believe how much hard work must have gone into it, but it was so worth it.