Sunday 13 June 2010

Bacon and Cheese

Maddie picked today's title and it's very bizarre because she likes neither bacon or cheese!

It's been another busy week but a great weekend.  In keeping with the football theme that is everywhere at the moment the weekend kicked off on Friday with my niece's 1st birthday:
I love these birthday cake sparklers.  My sister made the cake, she's so clever when it comes to cake decorating but Maddie couldn't look at it because there was a clown on it!

Yesterday I spent the whole day in excellent company at my monthly crop where I managed to get two, yes two layouts done despite sitting next to Sandra!

I met Hamish a few years ago when I was on holiday, oops I mean working, in Scotland.  He was poorly the day I went to see him but he still managed to pull off a nice pose.

I would love to know what my little nephew was thinking about while he was lying on the grass, he started there for ages just looking at a blade of grass he was holding.

Today I went to a couple of car boot sales with Clare, we didn't find any bargains but it was nice to walk around in the sunshine.  This afternoon I sorted out all of my stash and I'm hoping to maybe get started on a layout tonight, we shall see.

Maddie's feeling shy today but she assured me she was smiling behind her hands.

Have a great week one and all x

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