Friday 18 June 2010

We're Going On A..... not a bear hunt, an elephant hunt!  Me and Maddie had a fantastic day in London looking for elephants, we walked for miles, had a picnic and a laugh and here's our favourites to share with you now:

Bobby was Maddie's favourite and the one she knew she HAD to see before we'd even started!

I had to find the Monopoly one especially for my friend Queenie:

We searched for Sherlock Holmes for Paul:

Not hard to find really because it was on Baker Street but a hell of a long walk.

I was thrilled to find Daisy as it's my favourite flower

From a distance this looked boring and just blue and white.  When we saw the polar bear we thought it was amazing.

It was very nearly tea time when we found Fish & Chips!

The cow we spotted was highly amusing!

Maddie has always been obsessed by ships in bottles so there was no way we could go to London and not see this, absolutely amazing.

We had a great time but I ache all over now, we walked for miles and I'm looking forward to a soak in the bath! xx

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Winnie said...

Great photos Jo! Glad you had a good time, and from the look of the photos, the aching was worth it! LOL