Tuesday 19 July 2011


Well, I've signed up for another Shimelle class.  I always do because they are fun, good value for money, with no pressure and you can keep going back to the forum for reference.  All the class notes in one place is good for me because I can be one for putting something somewhere safe and never finding it again :)

The class is called Explore and, although I haven't had time to fully read the prompts, I knew there was a self portrait involved.  So, I woke up this morning and thought I would take said portrait.  Yes I know, stupid time of the day to do it when I'm trying to get Maddie out of the door for school and me out of the door for work but I thought it's the one time of the day when my make up is on and my hair is brushed and not being torn out of me head as it can be during the day when I'm dealing with, shall we say, awkward clients :)

So here's the first attempt:
Now I thought the picture of me was ok but then I noticed how dirty the mirror was.  So with the dog jumping up and getting excited and Maddie complaining we were going to be late I did the only thing I thought necessary at the time.........I cleaned the mirror:
Much better I think.  I shall read the rest of the prompts tonight and see what else I can do, I hope none of the other prompts will involve me doing housework!

I also have a layout to share.  I did this at the weekend for the House Challenge on UKScrappers.  We had to use a sketch and a juddery or not too good a photo:
Now I love this photo of Maddie, I love the look on her face and her bunches but I'd always dismissed it as "no good for scrapping" because of the awful shadowing on it.  I'm so pleased this challenge came up and I knew immediately the photo I would use.
She was sitting on the back of a horse and cart that travels between Brewers Quay and Weymouth and she thought it was great.  I used the papers and embellishments from this months Gotta Craft kit, absolutely gorgeous.

Right, off to do dinner and read my prompts.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sandra said...

Oh Jo I do love the photos of you, and I can just imagine your home this morning when you said you were going to clean the mirror lol. I do so love that layout.

Lynn said...

Fortunately when I took mine this morning my mirror was okay because of a long overdue clean on the weekend.

Alison said...

Definately looks better with the clean mirror!...funnily enough I just cleaned my bedroom and bathroom mirrors this morning
Alison xx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Lovely photo Jo, you look much better without the smudges! Enjoy the class :o)

Sian said...

I love the photos! I haven't signed up for this one, but I can see that I am going to enjoy reading all about it all the same. I wonder what she'll have you doing next?

Scattychick said...

Love the picture of you Jo and look forward to seeing it on your project :) Love that LO too as soon as I saw it on UKS it made me think of the toy dog that was around when we were young Poochie do you remember her? She had two long fluffy ears and whenever I wore my hair in bunches it was my "Poochie" style.

Winnie said...

Great pics Jo! And well done on scrapping a less than perfect photo - the LO looks fab!

My not so simple life said...

lol. love the layout and photos of you. Id have cleaned the mirror too. :) I've nominated you for an award if you want to pop over to my blog. :)

Allycat x said...

LOL - thanks for the reminder to clean the mirror first!!! :)

Goesturbo said...

FANTASTIC!!! Nice job on the self portrait, too! I just signed up for Explore myself...I have NO idea when I'm going to complete it though! :) Can't wait to see more of what you create, you are such an inspiration!

Unknown said...

Great post and I love your blog. I think your self-portrait is great, 'distressing' yourself with a dirty mirror was a good idea though ;)