Tuesday 5 May 2015

Week Eighteen

Another good week has flown by, here are the highlights:

Maddie was really excited about this issue of her magazine being delivered!
I got high tech at bingo and played on an electric board, I also had a little win :)
Alfie is still hating his halti but we're both loving our morning walks now the weather is nicer.
I had enough time to get some crochet in before heading off to work :)
We went to see the new Avengers film and loved it, Maddie wore the perfect t-shirt :)
Maddie has OCD and I knew that dishing her peas up like this would drive her mad, I'm a nasty mum!
She was "not best pleased" :)
I had a small weight gain and a lovely dirty pudding :)
I saw this pretty little girl at the weekend :)
And was serenaded by these two Black Face Gulls, I've never seen them before!
I enjoyed coffee and cake out:
I got a lovely new charm, perfect for a scrapbooker :)
And we enjoyed a windy walk in the park!
Now it's a nice short week at work which I'm sure will go really quickly.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Becky said...

Looks like a good week! Love Maddie's face lol!

Sian said...

I just had to show that pea picture to my girl here! that would have driven her nuts too!

Lou said...

Cool t-shirt. i'm sure we'll be taking the boys shortly to see it too x

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

How funny! Like Sian, I just showed the pea picture to my girl. Her response? That's so mean! She would have given you the same face had you done it to her.

Sandra said...

I can honestly say I love that charm ... It's certainly on my list