Thursday 30 July 2015

Crochet Mood Blanket Week Thirty

It's been such a long time since I gave an update on my crochet mood blanket that you may have thought it was another project of mine that had slipped to the wayside....wrong!

I'm still getting on with it and enjoying the 10 minutes a day that it takes me to add a square and sew the ends in.

It's not a great picture but here's how it's looking now, 210 bursts of colour :)
I'm so pleased with it and because I've been good and joined as I go it means it's usable, something which Maddie was pleased about the other evening when she was chilly.

I won't leave it so long for the next update and will take a better photo.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I was only thinking about your blanket the other day. I had quite a break from blogging/hopping and thought I may have missed an update. Lovely to see you're still going strong with this project :-)

Sian said...

Hurray! I'm so glad to see it's back. looks fantastic.

yvette said...

looking good!

Sandra said...

It's certainly a labour of love

Becky said...

Wow! That really has grown and is looking great :)