Tuesday 19 January 2016

Week Three

I had intended to post this yesterday but I had another flaming cluster headache!  Anyhoo, here are the highlights from week three:

I had a little win at bingo, it was funny because me and my friend Lin shouted at the same time!  At least the prize was shared with someone I knew :)
The park was looking lovely and colourful when we went walking at lunchtime.
Me and Jo walked all the way through the park only to find out the gate the other side was locked!
I turned 44!
And had dirty pudding with a mini birthday cake from my mum :)
I went to see this little lady for the weekend :)
And had a lovely walk along the beach :)
Before devouring an afternoon tea at Frieda's :)
The birthday treats continued the next day when we went to Sprinkles for waffles :)
I treated Maddie to these because she always complains when the rain makes her glasses wet :)
And then the weekend was over and I enjoyed a small slice of birthday cake :)
Week four is moving along quickly and my head is still sore :( Has anyone got any tips to avoid cluster headaches or how to manage the pain when they arrive?

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sandra said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your headaches. On the plus side it looks like your birthday celebrations were fabulous xxx

Virginia said...

I'm not sure what a cluster headache in but it doesn't sound nice hun. Loving your happies for the week and a happy belated birthday

Lizzy Hill said...

So sorry about the migraine....NOT fun :( But on the upside looks like you had a LOVELY extended birthday...so happy birthday!!!! Hmnnnn....maybe it was all those sugary treats??!!! Hope not! Lovely photo of you tucked in there, too..... & is that a sign of spring coming, those flowers? Hope so!!!

Sian said...

My recommendation is the blue stick on your forehead cooling patches you can buy in the chemist or I think Sainsburys. They really do take the edge off.

I'm glad you got to do some birthday celebrating all the same. I love the wiper glasses

Susanne said...

Happy belated birthday. Sorry you suffered with the headaches.