Tuesday 15 June 2010

The Girl Done Good

I can't believe that Maddie had her last day at high school today, the time has just flown.  When she left primary school she wasn't given a place at high school, not just no place at the schools of my choice but no place at any school, and it was a battle right up until the last minute.  I got a phone call at 13:30 on a Monday afternoon to say that a place had become available for her at a school I wanted and she could start on the same day as all the other kids.  The start date was the very next day at 10:00, what a rush it was to get all the uniform and everything she needed in time to start!  She walked in alone on her first day because nobody from her old school was going to her new one and I was so proud of her.  I am still so very proud of her, she's done so well and made some lovely friends.  Enjoy the next couple of months Mads cos it all starts again with 6th Form in September!

Terrible pictures but that's what happens when the sun won't play ball and shine where  you want it too!

Just to humiliate her even more, here's a layout I did of pictures we'd taken the day before she had all of her hair chopped off:

Look at the face she's pulling LOL

Every day she makes me smile and every day we laugh together x


yvette said...

Time just flies by Jo, I can't believe my own are so old!!! My Cheryl will be 28 this year, thats older than I was last time I looked!! I am glad I had them young though, we have grown up together! I know the feeling so well, I used to even get upset in September when they started a new year. It sounds like you have a lovely relationship. Great layouts, I hope she has a great summer break, and good luck with 6th form xx

Sandra said...

You two have a wonder bond, stronger as you've both been through so much. Well done Maddie, the world is yours to do with as you please.