Wednesday 13 January 2016

Five Favourites Finally Done!

At last my five favourite photos from November are scrapped!  December is such a busy month for everyone so am I bothered that I didn't get them done until January? Nope! :)

After having a good sort out I found a lot of old kits, this one is probably from 870BC!  The paper I used for the background made me think of fireworks so I thought it was perfect for a photo taken on 5th November.
I loved getting out my big box of Christmas stash for this one.  I only used one whole sheet of paper, the rest was scraps that I built the layout around.  I really hate waste :)
I love the paper I used for the background on this layout, that's why it wasn't used...because I loved it so much.  But what is the point of it not seeing the light of day in a box when it could be in my album?!?
This was another sheet of paper I'd been 'saving', now is the right time to use it though :)
I know that sign post is more suited to America but I loved it so much and thought it looked great tucked behind the fence on this layout showing my walk in a very foggy park :)
I spent a good part of November and all of December working with wool so it was lovely to get back to playing with paper.

Now to narrow down five favourites from December, it's gonna be tough!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


My Little World said...

Great layouts Jo, love them all and well done for using up that 'special' paper!! lol

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Some lovely pages to showcase those special papers. Far better in albums than boxes, but it's a hard lesson to learn, isn't it?

Virginia said...

Oh some fabulous layouts there!

Sandra said...

Well done Jo, this scrapping your five has made you so productive

alexa said...

Lots of fun faces in your photos - I am admiring those crochet beards. You have got off to a flying start for 2016 with 5 lovely colourful pages done already, even if the photos are from earlier.

Sian said...

The crochet beards are just brilliant! You have made a fine scrapping start to 2016: hurray for using paper instead of just keeping it to look at

Lizzy Hill said...

oooooh!!! These are all that 'ho ho ho' paper. And the layering up you've done on them all.... the doilies on 'surprise' have me salivating & 'the sweet life' with your HAS to adore that face!! GORGEOUS work :)