Friday 8 January 2016

Starting The Year Right?!?

I started the year right by putting my best foot forward, jumping out of bed and doing a Zumba workout!
I continued the week by using my stepper:
Until it broke!
I carried on the week by getting home from work and going for a 4 and a half mile walk, I felt great!
I received a parcel today:
Which contained this:
I am always busy but I want to get to target this year so I made the time.  I got up early to fit Zumba in, put jacket potatoes in the oven while I went for my walk so dinner was ready when I got in, I used the stepper in the kitchen while dinner was cooking.  If I can find a way to fit a bit of exercise in then anyone can!

Then I got on the scales and saw this:
I was disappointed and wondered what went wrong.  I was so good at throwing away all of the left over mince pies, Paul took the crisps and dips home with him, the fridge and cupboards were full of Slimming World friendly food and I had planned every meal.

What I hadn't done was hide the bottle of open Disaronno but that didn't matter, I only had about a thimble full each night, I'm sure it wasn't more.  That open box of chocolates wouldn't hurt, they were small chocolates and I'd maybe popped one or two in my mouth when I had a coffee after a long day at work.  Those biscuits I was given weren't too bad, I only had one or two with my tea in the morning, hardly anything really. 

Put them all together and what I thought were the little things added up to great big things!  I was a saint throwing away my lovely, homemade mince pies, but I was a sinner with those tiny little things that weren't even a mouthful!

This week I'll know better than to let my wandering hands sabotage my hard work, this week I will have a great loss.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lizzy Hill said...

Oh DEAR..... so good in some bad in others!!! Aaaah well. Lesson learned. It is SO not easy to resist the 'little' bits. Sort of like 'save the pennies' thing with food. Except the opposite!!! GOOD LUCK this week!!!

Sian said...

You won't be alone! At least you are brave enough to get on the scales and confront it. I haven't done that..

Best of luck with exercising this week

Sandra said...

Well done Jo on admitting all this. I'm going to show this post to Simon as you're right, it's the little things that trip you up. He is going to put his Fitbit back on and try using the stepper again, but we'll see how his feet hold up xx

alexa said...

You have done such a great job with the exercise - I always found it consoling that our muscle weighs heavier than our fat does, and the more muscle we have the more fat we burn, so I hope you are not too discouraged.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Losing weight is so much about mindset and owning up to those little extras is half the battle. I just know you'll have a good loss this week.

Anonymous said...

What a star you are doing all that exercise and also for recognising what had sabotaged your weight loss. Good luck for this week as I am sure there will be a sizable loss on those scales of yours.

My Little World said...

Just found your starting this year myself by getting healthy and trying to loose weight. I am off to join Weight Watchers this week. Will add your blog to mine so I can follow your progress, good luck!

Lou said...

You have done so well Jo and obviously your head is in the right place - I need to get my head in the right place and get on track x

Alison said...

Catching up JO....I've got my SW head back on (for all of two days so far but I'm determined!)....well done on the exercise...funnily enough one of the pedals fell off my little cycle machine last nigh...superglued it back on and am just about to see if it's been successful...if not it will be on to Amazon!! Xx