Monday 15 February 2016

Week Seven

Week seven was another good one, here are the highlights:

The new furniture in the office is lovely :)
My lovely girl treated me to a chai tea :)
I made great pancakes, even if I do say so myself :)
Alfie's leg is all better :)
I saw my lovely niece Alice :)
Dirty pudding :)
I spent the weekend with Paul and we had a lovely walk around Poole quay, the tide was very high and it was freezing!
On Saturday night we had a lovely Valentine's meal, it really was delicious :)
I got up early on Sunday and did my Couch to 5K run along the beach :)
And then had a lazy afternoon reading while Paul did some painting :)
And then I was home with my lovely boy and the weekend was over :(
Now I'm ready for, hopefully, another great week.

Thanks for stopping by

Jo xx


Virginia said...

Looks like a fab week - hope your next week is great too!

Sian said...

Wishing you another great week this time round!

Those pancakes do indeed look delicious.

Lizzy Hill said...

What a fabulous week! Love the photo of your niece, such a cutie! And that dirty pudding....YUMMMMMM!!!!!! And go you getting all those PL photos into their album.The 'fussying up' can be done anytime. Great to get 'em scrapped!!!

Susanne said...

That does sound like a week full of joy. Wishing you another to match it!

Becky said...

Glad you had a good week and still managed to keep up with the exercise :)

alexa said...

Very professional looking pancakes! They look light and delicious ... Your little nice is a sweetie, isn't she? And many congrats on doing your run despite the weather. Way to go!