Monday 8 February 2016

Week Six

Week six saw in the beginning of February, seriously, where is the time going?!?!?! Here are the highlights:

One of us was pleased to be getting a phone upgrade :)
Alfie had a poorly paw/leg :(
It's very nearly still light when I get home from work!
Alfie normally runs from the camera but this time he kept posing until I'd got a nice picture of him!
The whole office was gutted ready for new furniture!
Cute dirty pudding :)
We had some stunning sunsets, this photo really doesn't do it justice but it was nice enough for me to pull over in the car and snap a picture!
Me and my sisters spent 7 hours scrubbing the office from top to bottom before the new carpet and furniture arrived!
I had a lovely day at the crop, not sure what I was doing here but it certainly wasn't scrapping :)
It was the 10th anniversary of the crop and Emma's special birthday so she very kindly laid on this amazing feast for us, it was delicious.
In the evening I went to bingo, I didn't have any luck but did get a few free gifts :)
On Sunday I went for a lovely walk, just at the right time because it rained for the rest of the afternoon!
And while the rain was pounding down I spent the afternoon scrapping :)
Another lovely week has passed and I'm even further behind with my Project Life but it will get done.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

What a pretty spot for a walk. I'm so happy that the evenings are getting lighter. It's such a drag leaving i the morning and coming home in the dark. Have a great week Jo.

Virginia said...

Looks like you've had a great week hope you managed to put the office back together

Sian said...

Haha! That first photo made me laugh! We had a face round here like that yesterday and it wasn't mine. I got a new phone but they turned off to the service to J's instead of my old one. He spent hours on the phone..

Enjoy your phone :)

Lizzy Hill said...

Looks like a very busy week. Hard work, too:) LOVELY cropping day & food.... & YUP! The year is simply flying on by - BOO!!!

alexa said...

What a splendid feast at the crop, and yes, isn't it cheering to have the longer days? Wishing you happy scrapping and a fun time with that new phone.

Sandra said...

Oh that photo of Sam is so funny ... You've got to scrap that and that one of you at the crop xx