Friday 12 February 2016

You Can Have Your Cake.....

And eat it!

On Saturday this week I went totally off plan, it was a friend's big birthday and it would have be rude not to have enjoyed the amazing buffet she laid on for us to :)
This was my first plate, I may have had one or two more throughout the course of the day!
On Sunday morning I was up bright and early doing my Couch to 5K run and then went for a lovely 5K walk.
On Tuesday I may have had definitely did have two of these beauties :)
This old photo of me popped up in my timeline and seeing how far I have come pushed me on to do more running and walking during the week and making sure that the rest of the days were 100% on plan:
And it paid off with another loss :)
It just goes to show that, if you stick to the Slimming World plan, you can enjoy the sweeter things in life and still lose weight :)

I'm feeling very fired up and focused for this coming week because I want another loss next week!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Virginia said...

ah you are doing amazing - well done you!

Sandra said...

Jo, you couldn't have said it better. You're doing an amazing job and still enjoying life. That's just how it should be. Its a plan for the future, and not a diet.

Sian said...

You do sound really fired up! And that photo shows how well you've been doing

Becky said...

That's brilliant! Well done with all the exercise too. I am going out 3 times a week trying to walk at least 2 miles each time.

Lizzy Hill said...

My gosh - that 'before and after' photo says a LOT.....& I think you did well losing weight after a big week of yummy foods:) Glad it was another loss!!!

Susanne said...

I admit to scroll past those photos very quickly, in case I might gain weight just by looking at such sweet delicacies.