Thursday 12 February 2015

Crochet Mood Blanket - Week Six

Well I am pleased to say that I am still a happy hooker :)  Here is where the mood has taken me this week:

Day 36 - Lipstick, I was very happy with my weight loss :)
Day 37 - Spice, I was snuggled in front of the fire:
Day 38 - Pomegranate, I had a great day at football and the crop :)
Day 39 - Citron, I had a lovely, long walk in the sunshine :)
Day 40 - Turquoise, it was a very sunny, spring like day :)
Day 41 - Lime, I had a bad mouth ulcer :(
Day 42 - Copper, I was feeling mellow and relaxed :)
And here is how the monster is growing :)
I am looking forward to getting another week added to it :)

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lou said...

it's looking lovely x

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

It looks great Jo. It'll be nice to have this blog record of each day as well as the blanket of course.

Sian said...

Wow, another week and it'll practically be a whole blanket!

Sandra said...

Wowzer Jo xx